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Kingsman passes $400,000,000.00 worldwide


I stuck the cents in for effect:

Very pleased. This beats X-Men First Class, Wolverine, Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Captain America, Incredible Hulk and more on less than half the budget in most cases. Still can’t believe ol’ Vaughn made this for 81 million. He’s v shrewd.



Mathew has said that the reason he dropped out of X-Men was because he’d gotten wind of several “Kingsman” like movies in development and he wanted to be first.
Any haste between him doing Flash Gordon and your Starlight to be first out?


Ha! I’m not too concerned about that and you’ll see why soon :smile:



Congratulations Chief…ka ching! :sunny:

Hopefully Superior is up next.


Especially for not going anywhere near Guy Ritchie’s Revolver and striking out on his own.
Just saying! :smiley:


Great news!


Superior is being written up at the moment, the project having Matthew’s full attention now Kingsman is done and dusted. I don’t think it’ll be out before Starlight or Kindergarten Heroes though as both have screenplays either just in or delivered in the next couple of weeks. Chrononauts is also going to move very quickly as all the pieces are in place so I reckon those could all be out either before Superior or at least around the same time.

Nemesis is the wild card though. There’s been a very, very, very interesting development with that in the last six weeks. I’ll leave it to the studio to release the news, but I’m very happy. As is McNiv :smile:



Congratulations, Chief. Glad it is turning out so well. It was a great film.


I know it’s down to his Marvel work taking precident but is there a break in the near future when he might be able to get to Nemesis 2? The first series ended on such a cliffhanger.


Nemesis Returns (as it’s now called) is being written this Summer. I had the first two issues written 3 years back, but a lot has been done weirdly since and some stuff slightly out of date so have started over. I have it plotted and will make announcement around Nov regarding the release date.

I work a year ahead now to avoid any artist woes. Vin is rocketing through Jupiter’s Legacy Vol 2 but it;ll be year end before we release anything. Jupiter’s Circle Vol 2 is being written at the moment and Wilfredo jumps onto the first issue of that next week. Huck is almost entirely written, the artist just finishing off issue one for next week too. So as of about June I reckon I can get into the new series, one of which is Nemesis Returns and another is American Jesus: The New Messiah (which is halfway done), but there’s two more you don’t know about with two very lovely artists indeed.




Very cool. Thanks for the answer, Mark. I love how you keep just the right amount of work in the pipeline. I think it makes Millarworld the Pixar of comics.


Congratulations! :smile: I’m Really glad we chose to see this in the theater, I’ll never forgive myself for missing Kick-Ass on the big screen.


Just for the record, I was lucky enough to see a screening in New York back in November, and still paid to see it 3 more times.


I’m spending my little percentage of those 3 sales right now! :smile:


Huck? My finger must be completely off the pulse! What’s this? Did I miss an announcement?


Yeah Huck is drawn by…ah I’m not allowed to say. :smile:


I thought it had already been reported that it was XXX? Or was that another project?


I don’t think it has officially been reported. That may not have been an entirely legitimate channel.


I googled “Huck” and “Millar” and only found a piece of total guesswork on Bleeding Cool and a follow up article saying the call it was Skottie Young was
wrong. So, no real news about it at all.


Guesswork is all BC do, that site is terribly sad nowadays.

I’m sure Mark will announce when ready. As usual with Millarworld it’s more top notch artists lined up.