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Kingsman opens at $24 million in China


Global box office now $327 million and counting, closing in on Wanted’s $342 million, which has been the highest grossing Millarworld adaptation so far. Will Kingsman nobble it?



Probably. The Chinese market has grown enormously and the film’s doing great everywhere else.

Will the Clan Millar be celebrating in their favourite, local, Chinese restaurant? :smile:


Was super excited to see this news!! I follow it on Box Office Mojo every weekened


After that opening I would say quite easily. It’s a film that has had good staying power in the other markets (which will keep adding to the total).

Both it and Wanted have had very good results for adult rated films. Next test is how an ‘all ages’ film would do, I assume Starlight or Superior would be PG fare.


Mark, I sez it before and I sez it again - you have the most incredible luck with box office. It’s as if you’re made for each other. Let us recall Unca Miqque predicted good legs and a good push from the abject failure of another movie. But, as said, the most incredible luck. Now there’s a farce called Spy coming out that looks like a fairly successful comedy. What more could you possibly want? They hated the Depp thing, love Kingsman, are likely going to love Spy which will form a sort of separate-theater double bill, Kingsman and Spy - adding to the legs of both!

Meanwhile, in China…


The ‘other movie’ made $563m worldwide so far if you are talking about 50 Shades of Grey*. The gain was with counter programming, in various markets Kingsman opened against 50 Shades and Big Hero Six but the audiences for the three are so different they aren’t competing directly and they all did well.

*and bear in mind that 50 Shades was directed by Kick-Ass’s wife and likely good pals with all involved.


No, no, NO! I could care less about “50 Shades”. I refer to the Johnny Depp vehicle “Mortdecai”, of course. My prediction was quite specific. Mortdecai would die a sudden and expected death, leaving behind a taste for a good Bond/spy/action/adventure/comedic movie. And here comes Kingsman: The Secret Service - a bona fide hit. Friday Melissa McCarthy’s Spy comes out, and the trailer is even funny (so very rare for comedies). A natural double bill, then, would be Kingsman and Spy.

I don’t know what would match up with “50 Shades”. The Devil In Miss Jones, maybe. :astonished:


Ah fair enough, I think that prediction was made by most who saw the trailer. It garnered an amazing 13% score on Rotten Tomatoes so I didn’t even consider it a challenge as the ‘other film’.


I Love Kingsman comic and movie, unfortunally some “genius” decide to release a version without the church scene in whole latinamerica, it because happends in a “church” dont worry Ive seen it on youtube , is not the same , cant wait for the bluray. so yes censorship still lives and lives on Fox Warner Chile, too bad they dont have a FB page to leave my regards