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Kingsman box office just overtook Wanted!


Wanted was the highest-grossing Millarworld movie so far, sitting at a nice $342 million on a $70 million budget. Kingsman at the weekend just passed this after a great start in China and now grossing $369 million globally with China in particular doing extremely well and two more markets (including Japan in September) still to open. Will we crack that $400 mill? Let’s hope so, dear readers!



What countries are left? I’m guessing it’ll do just as well in those as it has everywhere else so far.


Japan, where I think it’ll do another 15 mill plus. China only had a 20% drop this week, which is great, another 20 mill or so for the pot. I think we should hit that 400 mill OK. we’re doing a couple of mill a week in America and much of Europe is still just mid-run.

I remember saying to Matthew I’d be really happy if this did over 200 mill so this is fantastically exciting!



Great news! Kingsman is my favorite MW film.


It’s an amazing return on an adult rated film, it’s made more worldwide than Captain America or Star Trek.


Edit: for stupidity.


We are getting the movie again this week down here, this time without cuts.