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Kieran's Art Dump


Hi everyone,

My name is Kieran McKeown, an artist from Ireland. I have somewhat of an unusual background in that I am a lawyer by training. I worked in the cleantech sector for a number of years while moonlighting as an illustrator in my spare time. I’ve previously drawn for Titan and a few other indie publishers. The dream would be to carve out some kind of living drawing comics full time.

Below is a selection of some of my most recent works. A lot of the pages are from a book I’m doing for an American publisher. It’ll be out next year! I can only post a selection of the less juicy pages so apologies in advance if these aren’t the most riveting, action packed sequentials you’ve seen. Happy for any pointers you can provide.

I must say I’m really inspired/ intimidated by the amazing talent I’m seeing on here.





These look great.


Brilliant Stuff Kieran.
It must be sort of cathartic to be able to draw in the evening after a long day in the office.
Are you working for anyone at the moment?
How many pages can you manage a month?


Hi Mark,

Hey thanks! Funny you should mention that but I took a severance last week from work. I got a pretty good package. I discussed things with my wife and we decided that I’ve got to give this Comics thing a go. I’ve been moonlighting at it for a long time but given my long hours at work my productivity was always low. I had some interest at Marvel and elsewhere but I felt I wasn’t able to get enough samples under their noses often enough to really register on their radar.

So It’s now or never basically. And the plan is I’m going to bust my ass at this for 9 months full time or so and see if I can make any headway.

I am currently working on a book for someone in the US. The creator/writer is awesome though and if something a little bit better paying arises he’s cool with me taking the opportunity on the understanding I come back to finish the project with him. So I am working on something currently but also actively seeking new opportunities.

In terms of page rate, I’m trying to get up to the page a day industry standard. And I’m experimenting with different workflows. Previously because of my day job; I never really had a full day to work on my art before so I didn’t know what my productivity rate was.



Thanks Dave. Appreciate it.


Good man.
As many people around here will tell you its all in the work.
Get enough good stuff out there in the world and the big boys will come to you.
Try doing a lot of short stories out there in various publications.

Also If you like drawing dogs I’ve got a fun future shock type story if your ever keen


Absolutely brilliant Kieran

If someone told me these pages were done by someone who has had years of published experience in the industry I would easily believe it

Best of luck


Chris, Mark…thanks so much. Really appreciate the encouragement


You don’t need to be intimidated, that looks amazing.


Great job. Look forward to seeing your work published. Similar background here in the US – college degree in visual arts but went to law school thinking I’d help out artists on the legal side. Didn’t really like it though so am working in commercial real estate.
You’re quite the inspiration to have gotten that far in your work and in getting published. So far just have gotten 3 pages put in a local art club comic, with another page coming out the next year for another collaborative project. Keep going!


Fantastic work!

Takes a lot of guts to leave your attorney’s gig without a guaranteed job waiting for you in comics. Good luck to you.