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Kier Gill art thread (non millarworld stuff)


Hi guys.

I’m still new here and thought I may as well share some of my work. Some sequentials, some just for fun. Hope you enjoy and any comments welcome.


Good stuff. The body language and facial expressions in the sequentials really helps to tell the story: even without text, I already get a good sense of the character relationships.

Love the Koba drawing too.


Thanks Dave. Yeah, the sequential pages I’m working on are mostly dialogue in cramped environments so I had to rely on facial expressions for the most part. I’m glad to hear it translates.
as for Koba, I love that character.


I love b&w art with that kind of detailed shading. It’s just beautiful. If all comics were like that I would never miss colour.


Fantastic work! Great flow on the sequential pages.


Great stuff Kier, I especially like the Planet of the Apes pic.


Nice work. I really like the way you draw your people - a bit cartoony but expressive.



EDIT: Sorry, that was my insane jealousness speaking.

You’re really quite brilliant.


Haha thanks guys.