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Kickstarery Goodness from Madius Comics!


UK comic book idiots, Madius Comics, are currently crowd funding to collect and colour the first 6 issues of their critically acclaimed comic book anthology series, Papercuts and Inkstains.

So, yeah… I’m Rob, a member of Madius, an award winning comic book letterer and multi award nominated comic book writer. And I want to share our new kickstarter with you!

Do you like sci-fi? Horror? Fantasy? Comedy? Stories about girl guides fighting wendigos, the Yorkshire zombie apocalypse, roadside assistance in the far future, an alien invasion at a village fete, running out of a coffee and accidentally on purpose summoning Chaos deamons and having to fix the world with your mates? YOU DO! AMAZING!

We’ve got just the kickstarter for you!

We’re packed with incredible indie talent, including Paul Moore (Amigo Comics’ Planet of Daemons), Jim Lavery (Markosia’s Pendragon), Rosie Packwood, Angela Sprecher, Iain laurie (Then Emily Was Gone) and so many many many MANY MORE!

It’s 16 stories packed into 250 pages of full colour glory.

Come and check us out, maybe give us a share with your friends, and thanks for allowing me to have a few moments of your time!



you only ever come back when you want something! :joy:
Plus, i’ve already backed!


I forgot I was even on here! Bloody work! Would much rather work from home!

Damn bills. I may go live in a tent. And you have, you wonderful man!


you are very honest.



help these guys out would ya?!
Rob is actually a real nice guy and is doing a lot for small press.