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Kick-Ass: The New Girl #1 preview


Just cleaning up the first six issue arc. Here’s a wee preview which gives you the setting…

FAO Rachael Fulton, Editor


Script by Mark Millar
Art by John Romita Jr

Final Draft: 13th March 2017
24 pages

Page One

1/ Open with an establishing shot of sleazy night club on the outskirts of New Mexico. It’s night-time, but there’s still a little light in the sky and we can almost feel the heat of this place even as the sun goes. Colour-wise and atmospherically, this book should be the complete opposite of the first Kick-Ass series in that everything in bleached hot in the New Mexico sun and the landscape and buildings are completely different from the hard greys of New York. We can see three little figures here in the distance at the back of the club, but too far away to see who they really are. One of them is the new Kick-Ass and the other two seem to have apprehended her. We’re immediately in and immediately in trouble.

CAPTION : New Mexico:


Awesome, you just transported me in that universe again!!!


I’m very proud to pass the baton of writing Hit-Girl onto you.

I think we will see big things from this Millar chap!

Just remember Mindy’s hair is different from the movie :wink:


Nice. I’ll be interested to see this when it starts. I think an ongoing Millarworld book has a lot of potential.


Looking forward to this!


I so miss reading your scripts, Mark!


More please.


Now we know the real reason you won…setting the bar low so The Chief can make his Ali like return to the ring! :joy::joy::joy:


Nice. I like that there’s a totally new Kick-Ass.