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Kick-Ass Slip-Case, all 4 books collected


What do you think?

Individually, these would cost about 85 bucks or so but I’m thinking about doing a slipcase and have them all collected in one place for 50 bucks.

Have also been thinking about a massive Omnibus at some point too. We’re planning a number of Hit-Girl series with top creative teams so might save the Omnibus until then but what do you think of the 50 dollar slipcase idea?

I just like thinking of nice things I want on my shelf and I’m not even kidding.



I’m a big supporter of nice things on shelves. :smile:

I like the slipcase idea and I think it’d be a cool thing that fans would want to own. But I think an omnibus might be even nicer, especially if it was a little bigger in terms of page size to show off the art even better.

Image and Icon have had successes with deluxe collections of stuff like Criminal, Saga and Lazarus. A nice big hardcover with all the Millar/JR jr Kick-Ass stuff in would be quite desirable I think.


Yes I hadn’t thought about until now but loads of the crowd here get excited for Omnibus editions and Millarworld doesn’t really have any.


I think it was mentioned a while back that a big bumper collection for all the Jupiter’s books might work well too, once they’re all done.

Marvel often tend to time their omnibuses to coincide with movie releases as I think it gives them a bit of a sales bump, so it could be something to consider in a few years time with the Jupiter’s film.


I’m actually not a big fan of Omnibuses weirdly. I think they look weird on the shelf and impossible to read if over 12 issues, but I need to get over that :smile:

I’ll maybe do a Kick-Ass one at some point, but gonna do the slipcase first. I’ll get it priced this afternoon. 50 bucks might be a little tight and quality compromised, but am very confident I could get this done for under 60, which is good as the individual books would cost about 90 bucks.

This could be very cool!



DC recently did a Batman 75th Anniversary slipcase of three TPBs for $50, so that definitely sounds about right.


I think that was about 18 issues worth whereas we’d be be about 31 issues worth when all 4 volumes are added together with extra sized issues. Probably more like $59.99, but going to check on that today.



Ah yeah, that makes sense.


A box set sounds great- I’m in!

Agree the omnibus format is a bit too unwieldy to actually read…I have some mammoth sized architecture books and they are pretty objects, but not for sitting on the sofa browsing through…


I like Omnibuses but there is an upper end on the page count before it gets unwieldy.


I think an omnibus is better than a slip-case,
Mainly because after a while I get the idea of “why do I even have a case”,

But a slipcase at first sounds fun.


I like the slip case idea, would the trades have special covers to set them apart from the original prints?


Quality of binding and page counts are both important.

I’d rather have trades in a slipcase. Clear thinkin’!

Send me a production copy and I’ll tell you what I think.


I think the only benefit of having a slip case is them having a special binding that makes a big picture.

And much like my Nightmare on Elm Street slipcase…covers that you have to keep in a slipcase…making it necessary.


I love an omnibus. Nice hefty books to club home breakers to a pulp with.


Or break tables, when necessary.

Seriously, have mercy! Tomes look impressive, but they’re hideous to try to read.


Slipcase is more elegant than an omnibus, and it looks really stylish on shelves. Omnibuses are cool in the sense of wow, tis massive, but then they are truly difficult to read. Managed to read the Marvel Zombies one, and it was an ordeal, until you are around halfway through, you are balancing the concrete block that they are pretty much constantly.


There may be something to the fact, despite our personal preferences, that the slipcase is a rarity nowadays and the omnibus hugely successful.

I think the punters prefer the hefty tome all in one.


12 issue ones are big, but the 30-something issue ones very small I think.



It depends on the material I think. Marvel have gone back to press multiple times on a lot of their big Silver Age omnibus books so it may be that the omnibus appeals more to that collector/archive market.

The popular Icon and Image ones have been around the 12-18 issue mark I think (two or three trades worth each time).