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Kick-Ass release dates?


maybe i’m just not as caught up with comic release dates with exams and all - but does any body have the slightest clue on when the new hit-girl & kick-ass series are gonna be released? or at least given a little more context and previews? they’re my favourite comic series of all time - the sepense is killing me!! catch us up with mindy and the new girl, millar!

(i’ve gotsta kno)


If you put the books’ names in the thread title Mark will likely pop in and give an answer, whether a firm date has been set or not.


I might be wrong, but I think the most recent update was this, in March:


If you liked the previous series you’re going to enjoy this. I don’t think there are any previews out yet but the story is a unique take on Kick-Ass and is my favorite version of the character.