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Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl ongoing series launching in January!!!!!!



Ongoing monthly Kick-Ass by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr

Ongoing monthly Hit-Girl by Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque


Announcements from Millarworld
New Kick Ass!!

Here’s the image for those who don’t click the link.

This is going to be awesome! ONGOING!!


Exciting. I’ve been clamoring for a Millarworld ongoing for a while. I love the idea of the Kick-Ass mantle moving on.


Looking forward to these!


Golden Brain and Platinum Pens…it doesn’t get any better than this! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


I know it had to be tough to let go but think it will be interesting to see another writer tackle a Millarworld property. How much will Way be interfacing with you on this? Did you give him any guidelines or a story bible of sorts? I find it interesting when creator owned characters are put in a new set of hands and how that works out.


He’s already written the first issue of his arc (the second story) and it’s set in Hong Kong. That’s all Rachael and I said to him. Set it in Hong Kong. He just took that and run with it. The first issue he’s done is so fantastic.



Daniel Way? Good choice Chief.

I really enjoyed the Wolverine book that he did. He’s very underrated.


That’s great. How does it feel watching someone else play with your toys?


I can’t wait to show this to Amber today:

Her favorite writer and favorite artist doing her favorite character, this rocks baby! :fist:


Like the father of the bride, standing proudly but at the periphery of the wedding, the attention slowly fading, the once-full tumbler of whiskey now down to a single swallow…


JRJR IS BACK. That is very good news. Rafael will be great for Hit-Girl. The new Kick-Ass is funny to me, considering the last page of my mini Hit-Girl comic I posted a while back. I could almost say I called it. However, no anthropomorphism? Anthropomorphic’s are largely under-represented and I would absolutely love to see Kick-Ass as a dog-man. Hmmm…maybe that should be my annual submission next time around?



I love the idea of the mantle being passed along, it fits so well for “Kick-Ass” as his “super-power” really is his legacy, all the people he inspired and all that. That’s what is truly incredible about Kick-Ass. Love it! Can’t wait to read these and hopefully we’ll be reading Kick-Ass comics for years to come, I think Kick-Ass just gained the super power of immortality!


Certainly love that Albuquerque got the job. I’ve been a fan of his since at least Blue Beetle.


Sigh. American Vampire is never going to get finished, is it?


On second thought…
Okay, I checked out more of this dudes work. Wow, he is awesome, and yeah, I’m jealous of his success. I hear envy is a sin only if you’ve found God, so I should be okay.
The thing is, what I loved about Hit-Girl, and why I think it gets away with some of it’s content, was JRJR’s cartoony style. Change that style and suddenly it comes off possibly more twisted and sadistic. I don’t have anything against either of those things, in fact my horror comic I keep hidden from the world, is both of those things.
I’m sure this book will be great, but I wonder if it will be too much for the general public. Why do I care about that? Well, I don’t really, it’s just something I’m wondering about.
I came across the canceled ‘Batgirl’ Joker variant cover, which was awesome in my opinion, and I could see a similar scenario down the line once Rafael really gets going. As I write this, I am getting more excited for the potential here. I hope you guys do go all out, and don’t pull any punches.
This was an interesting pick for sure, possibly to be a controversial one, and maybe a bit of a gamble.
I will definitely be picking this one up.


The number of books I buy monthly has dipped significantly to the point where I didn’t buy a single book this week, so I look forward to adding these two to my list in January.


Very excited for this. Also, I’m glad to see its gonna be in volumes. Millar, are you ever going to bring all your books under one publishing house (Image)? Maybe keep the Millarworld imprint there? Or do you like dividing the books between Image and Marvel’s Icon line?


This is great!


What’s the release schedule?