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Kick-Ass #1 Thread- Kick-Ass is back!!!!!!

Today #Kick-Ass #1 is out!!!

The most beloved hero is back with another person behind the mask!! Patience Lee!!!

Here is my review:

Kick-Ass returns as an avalanche of action and reality, now the mantle does not belongs to the teenager Dave Lizewski (read final Kick-Ass 3) is worn by a woman of color with more than 30 years of age and mother of two children (Jordy and Grace), her name is Patience Lee.

The social, economic and political circumstances that surround this new version of the most famous superhero without powers are more raw and real.

Patience Lee is an elite soldier of the Afghanistan war, who retires with the plan to return to New Mexico, USA and with the money saved to resume her engineering studies while her husband would finally dedicate to support his family, since his Soldier’s salary was used for the maintenance of his children.

But all of Patience’s plans crumbles when she gets home and learns that:

Her husband has just run off with another woman to Los Angeles, leaving the children with Lee’s parents.
He left a mountain of debt.

In a fit of rage and despair, she decides that his skills as a sergeant in the US Army must be used for their benefit and use the Kick-Ass uniform, applying the phrase It’s no crime to steal from a thief, so she will be a Robin Hood with profits.

It is much easier to identify with this new version of Kick-Ass, you understand his motives and understand Lee’s frustration, in a week she goes from being an elite soldier responsible for equipment valued in millions of dollars, to a single mother in bankruptcy with a waitress job in a neighborhood controlled by the mafias.

The story hooks you on the first page, the art is very dynamic and the doses of action and violence are immense. Millar and Romita are an impressive creative team that makes you read this comic until the last page. They manage to outdo themselves, which seemed impossible.

Since Jupiter’s Legacy 2 # 5 we expected the return of Mark Millar with his amazing stories, so it’s so good to have a new monthly Kick-Ass series with at least 24 months ready in scripts, this was stated by Mark Millar in his twitter account (@mrmarkmillar)


The mantle of Kick-Ass could not have fallen into a better character, you identify completely with Patience Lee, its history and motives. Millar and Romita outdo themselves in plot and art.


5 out of 5

The beginning of a great series


Writer: Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar)
Ilustrator: John Romita Jr.
Colors: Peter Steigerwald

Lettering and Design: John Workman
Editor: Rachael Fulton (@Rachael_Fulton)

Release Date: February 14 2018

Publisher: Image Comics

Instagram @kickass.hitgirl


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I’m glad you liked it but next time use spoiler tags. Use [ spoiler] and [ /spoiler] - without the spaces after the first bracket - for folks who haven’t read the book.


Have to hunt this down today! Never thought I’d see my daughter suited up in my Kick-Ass costume!


Congratulations!!! excllent video promotion!

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It doesn´t have spoilers :grinning:

It doesn’t now that I went in with the spoiler tags.