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Kevin Smith Invites Stan Lee to Live with Him


Awwwww…well-played, Kevin. Excelsior.


That is pretty badass. I hope he takes him up on it.


It’s a nice thought but the last thing a 95 year old needs is to move into a new house full of strangers. That this is a public story doing the media rounds doesn’t feel very good either.


Hope he likes the smell of weed.


I agree. There’s something a bit ghoulish about all this. I hope the last years of Stan Lee’s life aren’t dogged by this kind of circus.


I’m sure it was an off the cuff, emotional reaction to the news but Smith can afford to provide 24 hour care, whether he actually has to depends on everyone else, but his tweet puts a genuine option into the mix.

There’s no good reason why someone like Lee should be living like this.


I think you guys make a very good point and yes, you’re correct that the public hanging of the laundry is off-putting. I doubt it will happen, but it’s the gesture of solidarity that resonates with me. I would much rather Stan have a place of his own choosing to preserve his dignity, and absolutely these circumstances to someone who means everything to the genre we love are abhorrent.


I think since this story has broken that it’s inevitable it’s going to end up being a circus. Tabloids have seen it’s click worthy, and so we’re going to get constant updates as well as reports when anything goes wrong. The private life of most comic creators has always been off limits, just something fans didn’t delve into unless there was an illness or something. With Stan being the legend he is, my guess is he’ll be TMZ’d until his last days now.


I think they absolutely should live together. And have me over for dinner sometime.


We’ll be hearing more now that the story is out. Magic 8-Ball say Future Is Fuzzy, but likely things will improve.


That ship has already sailed…


Though, I wonder how recently he filled his cannabis prescription before commenting.

What is the story behind these rumors? Obviously, like with child actors, the idea of the very old and increasingly dependent suddenly becoming worth so incredibly much money does seem to bring out the worst in those responsible for them.

Smith’s post will at best simply call attention to any inappropriate behavior. There is no way he would be allowed to move forward realistically.


It’s from a legal document, so not just a rumour.


It is interesting that when I looked at the responses to Smith’s tweet most of them were saying they’d pledge money to help Stan. They clearly didn’t read the article which is at its basic level is saying the whole issue is with his fortune (estimated to be $50-70m with an open secret that he gets a major salary/pension from Marvel to keep him on side and if his price list from London MCM a couple of years back is still in place is getting $50 for each signature at cons).

I suppose it’s a sad sign that we have a default response of money being able to solve an issue where (if this is all true which we can see is disputed) it’s about having the right people around him.


Yeah, it’s nuts to think pledging money to Stan is going to do anything. His problems don’t stem from not having enough money, but having too much money. And a bunch of vultures are circling him, trying to get pieces of it.


Absolutely. He needs to get away from that group, which is why the legal action was started.


That’s my main wish, for Stan to live out happy and without having to check his back for parasites (bad DC pun, sorry). Marvel only got huger and more complicated with Disney backing them, so the empire will rule for many years to come and as long as these quality films continue to be quality and profitable, then those who are in lineage should be well-fed de facto. A man who has given us such a tremendous amount of entertainment and inspiration should never have to be in this kind of position. Whether it’s Kevin or someone close with his interests genuinely in mind and heart, I pray Stan has someone protecting him in all aspects, his emotional welfare being priority.