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Keanu trailer looks incredible!



Oh Chief, its awesome.

One of my favourite movies this yr


I’m disappointed. I thought the trailer was great. But if it’s one of Tim’s favourite films of the year… I probably won’t like it. I mean it’s not like we ever share the same opinion about anything.

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No. But cute kitty

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This isn’t out in the UK yet? I feel like the DVD is already out here.

It’s not out here until the end of this week.

It does look fun. Plus cute kitty.

Looks like it was out April 29th here. It’s available on some video on demand service called Vudu right now. The DVD is out in August.

Looks like ratings are decent though. It might be a fun night on DVD.

I enjoyed it alot, but I’m a big fan of the Key and Peele show. I kind of felt like they were finding their feet in movies with this one and kept it pretty safe but it’s still better than most recent comedies.

This and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping would play well together on a wee DVD night :smiley:

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It might have been held over for a while. Key and Peele wouldn’t really be household names over here.

I only came across them because of their guest spot in the first season of Fargo.

Saw it.
If you liked their sketch show you’ll like this.
Has much of the same humor and feels like a longer sketch idea but the padding is better than most.

It’s not uncommon for smaller movies to have a bigger spread in global release dates and yes Key and Peele would have more cult appeal in the UK. I think most people would have seen their best skits shared on social media if anything. That’s how I know of them.


Oh, man, the lag. The LAG!

Upon a time there were Funny Cat Pictures (with and without Cations) abundant on the interwebs. They had trouble spelling.

There are like twelve cat movies coming out? Just saw an ad for Nine Lives, where Walken becomes a puddycat. Secret Lives of Pets. Keanu.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Definitely an enjoyable film, but probably a lot more enjoyable if you haven’t watched their TV show, as some bits get re-used.