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Justice League trailer chat-back


I thought you’d have time for them, or at least respect for Jack White - he’s pretty old school…


Kyle Gardner and Wally Allen, you know The Green Speedster and Flashlight.


Heh. Yeah, there went a lot wrong in that one. Wrote it just before going to sleep, so I might have been making up dream names already. But still, yeah, Kyle and Wally (Rayner and West, of course).


Having not read Morrison’s JLA I thought it might have been a story where someone made origami from the time-stream.


True, these days you never know what’s going to happen there!


Mark! I agree with a lot of what you say but I do feel like you are pretty, pretty, pretty biased due to your work on the Fox franchises. You consistently throw shade at the DC and non-Fox Marvel movies while tip toeing around the shitty Fox movies.

I mean, compare your post about the universally hated fantastic four movie (Fantastic Four movie - Meet the final trailer!) with your post here.

And then there was that time that you said Age of Apocalypse would be the “highest quality picture of the year” giving it high praise for the story LOL (Which Comic Movie will do best in 2016?)


Mark and I have quite different taste when it comes to films. In fact, you can read upthread and see how excited I am for this film. However, I think his leanings have less to do with any kind of corporate bias and more to do with how he sees certain characters.

Mark prefers Superman be portrayed in a manner closer to the Christopher Reeve films that is very bright and not as gray. He is effusive about older DC material that fits his sensibilities a little more. The X-Men and FF don’t have quite that past in film and TV.

Also, please be more respectful how you address others especially working professionals in the future. Getting their name correct would probably be the first step.


Ugh honest mistake, didn’t mean any insult on the name!


Well imho he obviously pulls his punches on the Fox movies. And I guess thats fine; I mean James Gunn wouldn’t criticize a Marvel movie would he? But still, it should be pointed out and acknowledged that Mark isn’t an unbiased critic here…


I’m a huge fan of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. I also very much looking forward to Wonder Woman, Justice League and even Aquaman and Flash now in a way I definitely wasn’t for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse. Mark is not. Like I said earlier, that is more down to his taste than the bias you are perceiving.

Yes, he does do some work for Fox. It may affect how harsh he is on those films but less than I think you’re implying. Plus, you take for granted how much Mark goes out of his way to not speak ill of anyone in his chosen creative fields.

I understand that you might think you’re trying to call him out. However, you need to be respectful as you should be of anyone else especially in their own house.


To his credit I’d say Mark is pretty relaxed about what people post, even on his own work. The comic version of Kick-Ass 2 got quite an amount of flak when it came out, generally on the grounds that it was too mean-spirited and vicious. Nemesis got a similar response to some degree. I don’t recall him minding at all in either case. His outlook appears to be that of: You bought the book, you read it, say what you like.


It’s pretty common to not publicly speak ill of companies you work for.


It is now a matter of cooperation rather than complaint. We must accept no one ever wants to make a bad movie or project. We prefer, when a bomb appears and promptly tanks, that the question be “What happened?” not “Who’s the culprit?”

Blanket negative critiques are obsolete.


Ronnie- I love and own ALL of Mark’s work (except maybe Jupiter’s circle vol 1 which didn’t hit the spot for me and felt like it was filler designed to give Quitely time to draw Legacy). From MPH to Wanted to Nemesis to Jupiter’s Legacy vol 1 and now Jupiter’s Legacy vol 2- the comic I look forward to most every month along with Lazarus by Rucka. I even like Empress and Huck. Mark is in the top tier of creators imo (I’d put him in the same sentence as Warren Ellis). He is truly great at what he does.

Now, that I have offered the due tribute, can I be free to also offer minor criticism where I see fit?


Criticism is always welcome with or without tribute. It is just preferred that you not attack someone directly for their opinion especially while implying ulterior motive.


I’m not implying ulterior motive. I’m implying normal bias due to association. There is a reason why writers include a disclosure of their association with the topics they write about. It’s not because they are bad people and will knowingly mislead people; it’s because it is natural to have a bias and affinity towards projects you are associated with.

Like I said above: James Gunn won’t speak badly about any Marvel project. Doesn’t mean he is a bad dude. Just means he is human and human beings don’t bite the hand that feeds them. Subconsciously or consciously. Writers offer disclosures. Judges recuse themselves. Scientists have double-blind studies. It is normal and natural. Not evil.


Hahaha. Are you asking that he put legal disclosures at the bottom of every post? That’s a bit ridiculous especially in an open chat where he is posting under his own name. Plus, we all have biases whether or not we are attached to projects.

If you have any further issues with this, please take it to PM. Thank you.


No need for disclosures. I am the disclosure lol


I am Spartacus.


Here’s a fun analysis of how movie-DCU Flash sees the world, based on the trailer.

[quote] What can we tell from this little snippet of film? Well, we can’t figure out how fast the Flash runs in the DC Cinematic Universe, or his metabolism, or anything like that. What we can do, with a little math, is get an idea on what the world is like for Barry Allen, living in his “endless gallery of statues.”

To do this, we’re going to need to know a little bit about knife throwing, and keep track of some time.[/quote]

I love stuff like this.

Lots more at the link.