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Justice League (Spoilers)


Use this thread after you see the film to discuss the film itself.


What I liked:

The keep-away scene with the Amazons.

Evil Superman.

Aquaman sitting on the lasso.

That is all.


Just got back from my viewing…and I really hope we get to see a mostly Zack Snyder cut soon so I can figure out who was to blame for what.

It’s more of a mess than it is boring. Though that’s not saying much. The inconsistency of tone, shots, reshots, and motivations (re: Steppenwolf) hinder the film more than the dragging scenes of which there are quite a few.

That’s not to say that the movie doesn’t have enjoyable aspects, it does, but it doesn’t mesh very well and for a large part of the movie I was really confused about how it was going about depicting what was a very simple story. Steppenwolf himself is an unintentional enigma - as the movie continually tries to paint him as the sole villain with him being the mastermind…which goes at odds with the only “main” scene he gets. It’s cluttery down to the weight of many things in the first half coming across as basically vignettes rather than a cohesive tie.

Still, fun bits are there…but not enough to stay the comparisons to Suicide Squad and it’s own issues with story/presentation.


Are there any actual spoilers to spoil on this one? :smile:

I’m guessing movie goes like this: JL unites, fight the villain… Oh and Superman returns at some point to kick ass because everyone knows he will… =P

I’m genuinly curious to know if there’s anything to spoil in this movie.


Green Lanterns show up, apparently.


There were some details that were surprising to me, and the final post-credit scene got a big reaction although it’s not too surprising if you follow the casting news, but otherwise not too much to spoil.


Ryan Reynolds? :wink:


It was okay. Its enjoyable to see these characters on screen together. And sure the plot is thin. But it followed the pretty standard superhero story of get the team together, beat the villain, cue happy ending. So I’m not going to bitch to much about that. And for all the talk about the CGI, I can’t say I had that much of an issue with it. Well, except for Superman’s top lip. Which looks fucking terrible, and it’s a real sign post as to what scenes have been reshot.

My main problem is just the tonal shift from MoS and BvS. The Danny Elfman score is exactly what I though it would be. Very run of the mill and uninspiring.
You can see a lot of the “lighter” scenes have been edited in to already shot scenes. Lots of little quips, and characters smiling. There’s a particularly bad bit with The Flash talking about brunch, that felt like an obvious reshoot.

It’s a very uneven film, but it’s not an awful film by any stretch for me. It’ll be interesting to see how this does money wise. I can see people that aren’t as invested in the world and characters, having a lot of fun with this.


I liked it. Would I watch it again? Maybe not but there are very few Superhero films I would from the big two. Lots of enjoyable parts and little things in the background. Would have liked them to maybe have introduced Darkseid even if it was in a post credits scene. Gal Gadot continues to be the pick of the bunch for me.


Yeah, it’s honestly incredibly off putting how much they tried to divorce Steppenwolf from the larger Fourth World mythos. Outside of one scene where he’s alone - it’s entirely about him, and how it’s his plan, and his army. It’s weird and makes that single mention of Darkseid when he’s alone a non-sequiter.

Even at the end he shouts “This is my world!” and it’s very much like they wanted to shoo out any kind of forward tension this could have had by making him the sole mindless villain.


The Green Lanterns were a flashback.


You have put it much better than I ever could. Marvel built anticipation by teasing Thanos with glimpses and very short scenes alluding to a bigger story on the horizon. A lost opportunity.


Just back from this, and I did not like it. Not awful, but not very good at all, and very disappointing after Wonder Woman.

The performances are mostly good, and there’s a few fun moments, but it felt like a mess.

There were a few groups of young (under 12) boys in my screening, and they were all super-excited before the movie started, but clearly got bored and started talking amongst themselves and walking around by the halfway point.

A whole bunch of kids got up and left halfway through, which I’ve definitely never seen in a superhero movie before.

Random thoughts:

  • Pretty much every line from Flash and Alfred was supposed to be a laugh line, but I’d say there was at most a 5% success rate in my screening. A few chuckles occasionally, but almost every Flash one-liner fell completely flat.
  • Almost every scene in the first half of the movie felt disconnected from the scene before it. It felt like it was trying to be a half-dozen different movies.
  • Cyborg’s powers make no sense, and he only seemed to not be able to control them fully when the plot needed him to.
  • The plan to resurrect Superman is nonsense, and makes all the characters in favour of it look like morons.
  • Good job letting Steppenwolf just take that third Motherbox from you, idiots.
  • Steppenwolf is the least interesting villain in a superhero movie ever, both in terms of “personality” and in design.
  • Hey, Amber Heard, if you know this whole Steppenwolf thing is so important, maybe you should go help Aquaman with it?
  • It wasn’t too long at least.

That said, I’m still interested in seeing more of these characters.


That solo scene with him feels like something from either before the reshoots or from an early draft because it mentions so much that would have made for a better villain. It all implies he was Exiled, and that he has lost his place among the Elite of Apokolips, and it’s only really implied that he’s doing this to gain Darkseid’s favor again.

Again, it’s only implied because it’s a few lines but it would have been better than just him being some two-dimensional conqueror that is in it because…he has a crush on the Amazons or something?

The scene sticks out like a sore thumb because the rest of the movie contradicts/ignores it.


The criticism of Steppenwolf does make me wonder how effective Thanos will be. Even in the comics he’s not exactly Mr. Personality.


I didn’t mind how blunt Steppenwolf could be in the movie - that solo scene and him trying to intimidate the kidnapped scientists were pretty good for how I would expect an Apokoliptan to act…but for a movie that’s trying to be epic, there’s nothing to his plan. It’s a flat plan since they ignore would could have been interesting about it.

Thanos at least, they’ve used him enough that not even using “Death” wouldn’t hurt his presentation as much. If he could weather his chair sitting in Guardians 1, I feel he’s set.


Just came back from theater and… well, can’t say I expected much from the film. And itself didn’t elevate my view on that. The impression is that the runtime clocked under 2hrs is abysmal nowadays for such a film. The movie is a bit lighter than previous one (BvS), thanks to the banter between the characters, but all jokes seem more for 10 year old boy. The design of Darkseid surprised me, in negative way. WW is standard as always, Aquaman is nice also, but Cyborg’s powers are, as the reviewer pointed above, are nonsensical. The end fight ends up a bit cheap, as you think now comes the climax, but then those flies go and carry Darkseid off the planet. Also, his plan to conquer the planet is pretty much straightforward, no plan, no anything. Next, I was never a fan of casting Ben Afleck as Bruce/Batman. His suit look like hasn’t been taken out of drawer 30 years and his whole performance is…sorta mismatch. Not dark or flashy, just pretty much ordinary. Also, Cavill goes here for Reeve,but his fails to reach the latter impersonation. All in all, sterile movie.
At least I got to see dr. Manhattan as the father of Barry Allen/Flash. I found BvS to topple this by an itch.


Worse than Malekith?


They’re about equal since they had a chance to be at least more engaging in some form that got cut in production.


Yes, though Malekith loses points for wasting Chris Eccleston. I’m pretty sure Ciaran Hinds is only doing the voice for Steppenwolf.