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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


The 2006 film was meant to follow onto those films however.

And sneering? I mean, it’s a good theme but it’s entirely out of place.
There was a lot of incredulous laughter in that final act.


I guess. I just think if you’re going to preview screenings of Justice League movie but laugh derisively at the John Williams Superman theme, there are probably more productive things you can do for society instead. The self-hating geek is such a cliché.


It wasn’t a preview screening though.

It was a regular screening. Showtimes all day in New York at pretty much every theater. Maybe that’s coloring your judgement, but it wasn’t no preview thing they signed up for online.
And again, it wasn’t that it was the theme - but that the theme is just so out of place used that it’s hilarious. Comes right out of nowhere after a bland Elfman score everywhere else. There’s no cohesion.


All Thursday screenings are technically called previews. I think it’s a workaround so the studio can still say the official opening is Friday.


Yeah, it’s to boost their weekend numbers as well I heard.

But for this theater general thursday night prices are 7 bucks, so people usually take advantage of that for the price.


I’m not the only one who thinks this!! :smiley: I thought I was all alone!


Wonder Woman is largely ‘by-the-numbers’ superhoism on screen.

I think a lot behind the acclaim though is it’s very well done. It’s kind of like Die Hard, there is nothing original in that film at all, it’s just an example of how to do it sooo well.

The dodgy CGI stuff? You could call that out for most films, it was no more prominent for me than any other random dozen action films. They can also be internally inconsistent, The Hulk stuff in Age Of Ultron is amazing and then there’s a really stiff computer game bit with the opening fight.


Yeah, I’m not going in looking for incredible effects - just a solid story about being heroic.
So there’s a lot of flack given to Steppenwolf’s visual effects in some reviews and that could not have bothered me less, given how truncated his character feels.


Five words: Black Panther in Civil War.


The fact is there were six superhero movies that were basically the same. The degree of differences is pretty slight and they all have fairly similar drawbacks despite all of them being pretty good.

I would rate Guardians the best and Spidey the worst (unless you count Lego Batman), but you know, it’s only a difference of minor degrees and preferences. I definitely can say I liked them all however.


Civil War was my breaking point with critics not calling out Marvel movies for dodgy story shit. The CGI, oddly did not bother me, but yeah, it was dodgy. The airport fight wasn’t exactly the smoothest either for all it’s crowd pleasing moments.


I spent my entire childhood loving films with stiff and unconvincing effects. In the end I don’t think many of these are that bad, they just miss the boat every now and again and ultimately if the story and characters are engaging nobody cares, or should care.

It’s something nerds like to call out every now and again and can do so selectively to make a point. Honestly the last film where it was so bad it directly affected my enjoyment was The Mummy Returns 16 years ago.


The reviewers I like all called out Civil War’s flaws…


I find off center Scorpion Rock endearing.
Now the huge demon dude in Spawn, that’s maybe the one time it got me.


Lucky! The ones I read (because there are few I like) didn’t. It was worse when people I knew in meatspace did. :slight_smile:


The CGI stuff is an aesthetic preference. Marvel can have too glossy a sheen and look coated in plastic, and sometimes too garish. DC and Fox can be too washed out, muted, and mushy.

Probably the best CGI, for my money, is the new Apes movies and the new Star Wars movies. I’m sure I’m forgetting some. With the latter I guess you could call it the @Sanjay touch.


I don’t think I’ve seen CGI integration that has surpassed Starship Troopers. That movie has aged wonderfully, visually. I place the credit on the polygonal designs.


The Apes films are pretty much flawless but I suppose they have a specific aim in style. As much as I love Sanjay he is an editor and not an FX guy and he also does the ‘glossy sheen, coated in plastic’ ones. :smile:


I am not sure what kind of movie critics you’re talking about here.

I think one thing we have to keep in mind here is that there are different kinds of movie reviews these days. One is the kind we see on comicbookresources or those kinds of sites and the others are the ones you read in newspapers. Most of the movies these people - the latter ones - review, and are really interested in, aren’t even on the big audiences’ radar. Although they would deserve to be. It’s a bit difficult to say someone is delivering “poor results” based on only a very narrow example of their output that concerns, especially when it concerns something that you yourself are very passionate about.

Also, there’s a reason why Batman vs. Superman has a bad reputation, and it’s not the critics.


Oh was he one responsible for making sure just enough of the Hulk’s bare bum was not showing that it would pass the ratings board?