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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


I thought that was Curtis Mayfield.


My friends review of JL:

So…JUSTICE LEAGUE is actually not that bad. Good performances (especially Gal Gadot), some fun action sequences and a few effective dramatic ones. Also some action scenes that are too chaotic or CGI-enhanced, and a story that sometimes strains to tie all the characters together. Biggest problem is the really uninteresting villain; in movie terms, he’s a lot more Apocalypse than Loki, sadly.



I’m at the pub throwing back two pints before I hit the theatre for JL.


Nah, Man of Steel redux! Snap the neck o’ the thread and be done with it.

So long as the SFX aren’t used-every-other-minute to show swirling towers of debris ‘n’ death, it’ll be fine.


Or we can crush it and throw it into an icy grave. :slight_smile:


Worse, we will call it… Martha.


Now that you’ve said it, I want to see that movie.


Its narrative drowns his sorrows and can’t keep a straight line to save himself but drifts around in a weaving, wandering way singing too loudly, off-key all the sad songs of Martha.


I almost lost my self control and went to catch a showing. I already have tickets for tomorrow though. I’m scared that if I go to night and hate it, then I won’t go tomorrow for the social viewing.

So… I will wait! I have NaNoWriMo to work on and my “Atomic Blonde” Blu Ray to watch!

made my will-save


Anyway, I went in with low expectations and I freaking loved that movie. I think a lot of people will, even if they didn’t like the other Snyder films much. I was grinning outwardly or inwardly the whole time, and while it isnt perfect I genuinely don’t understand a lot of the criticism. The CGI was fine, the villain could be better but was basically Sauron, and the story was short and direct.

And also, big screen Superman is back! In every way you hope.


I’m glad you liked it.

Also, yay! I was hoping Superman would finally get a proper bubble bath. I’m assuming he also gets a rubber duckie too. Ta for not spoiling the surprise.


No rubber duckie but Superman and Cyborg have a nice tickle fight. Lots of giggling and laughter.

How do you put up spoiler tags again?


I don’t know if Lois gets to smile this time around, but (spoilers) I just did thanks to you. :slight_smile:


I was gonna wait for this to hit HBO but Robert’s review has me reconsidering. I might catch it after work next week.


I wasn’t trying to list them in any particular order, just trying to say I think it’s pretty rare to see multiple movies set up by the post credits scenes of these movies. But ok :slight_smile:


It is funny. Perhaps because of all the criticism about Superman not smiling, I swear this was very much by design…within the first minute of the film one of the first things you see (in flashback) is Superman smiling.


Honestly the critics preferring Avengers movies surprises me less when I accept that that’s exactly what they expect a good superhero movie to look like. And a Justice League movie (excepting Wonder Woman) is the opposite of an Avengers movie. It’s what critics do. They make snap judgments and prefer confirmation bias over critical analysis. They see too many movies.


I don’t really understand this kind of statement about critics in 2017. While I think you could easily generalize about critics in the pre-internet era, they’re pretty diverse by now, given the umpteen hundred web platforms available upon which to opine and maybe gain a following. I daresay there might be a bit of bias in trying to comment on then as a homogeneous group :wink:


Based on the reviews I read? The ones RT features?


If you’re only looking at the featured critics, that’s one thing, but RT lists almost 200 reviews so far, from pretty diverse sources.