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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


My favourite Batman film is probably Batman Forever. I can totally see its not a good movie. And it has some terribly over the top 90’s performances…But it’s a film I can watch over and over again, because I think it’s such a fun ride.


What’s the over/under on a surprise Green Lantern reference in a post credits scene?


There’s apparently two credits scenes, one in the middle and one at the end. I would assume one probably sets up Aquaman’s movie and the other Darkseid but could possibly be green lantern too.


It’s been pretty standard for a while that these movies only have one stinger, and any other extra scenes after the end of the film are just for shits and giggles, no?


There is a very small chance I will think it’s a “good” movie. Even as someone who likes the first two Snyder films. The trailers don’t inspire hope, nor do phrases like reshoots and two directors.

Still, I am having a lousy week, I’m depressed, and I get to see a live action JL movie in four hours. Even if it’s shit it’s going to be great!


One review I read in today’s paper commented on Steppenwolf being a poor villain with little motivation beyond “I’m evil”. I’m of the mind that not every villain needs nuance or a complex motivation. Some can just be evil for the sake of being evil.


No, Newsarama says mid-credit scene (fun), and then end-end credit scene. Stay til the very end.




I hope you like it. You can have a cuddle in the meantime if Mrs. Robert doesn’t mind.

I’m the idiot who went to see mother to cheer myself up. Don’t do that. Ever.

Then I went to Blade Runner to cheer myself up. Some stupid git, I mean girl, clunked me on the head with her handbag as she was finding her seat behind me. I suspect she had a copy of Alan Moore’s Jerusalem inside, and also several breeze-blocks. And then there was the scene with the doggie. I still haven’t seen it properly what with all the sobbing and everything. How long ago was Blade Runner’s premiere? My neck is still all hurty.

Maybe wear a crash helmet just to be on the safe side.

Hopefully JL will prove to be more Tigger-ific than Eeyore-y for you.


Though that would have actually been somewhat like the old Kirby era story regarding a lost and amnesiac Odin.


40 % on Rottentomatoes. Damn, had some higher hopes for this.


Don’t let it discourage you. You may enjoy it immensely.



The reviews I’ve seen say he’s boring and not threatening.


He was born to be wild


Or take you on a magic carpet ride.


My Blade Runner experience was sitting next to an elderly couple in which the man was having a really hard time understanding what was going on and trying to talk his way through his problems, including asking “is that Harrison Ford?” five minutes after Ford appeared.


He’s your pusher man.


I’m so friggin’ excited to see this. But, the missus won’t let me go to see the midnight show. Apparently I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, and the show I’ve already booked tickets for. I ask you. Is that fair?


I sat next to a drunk middle-aged couple during Dunkirk who completely misunderstood the non-linear nature of the narrative and kept asking each other why the film didn’t make any sense. Loudly. Drunkenly. For ninety minutes.