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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


Overall, I thought the CGI for Thor was very good. There were some really bad green screen moment in Norway that really stood out like a turd in a punch bowl.


Holy shit, those are bad, to hell with sexist. They look like something out of a cheesy 80s fantasy movie.


That was a fairly late reshoot after test screenings, originally Odin was living as a homeless man in New York, but it was too depressing.


I thought Superman was supposed to have a mustache? Was disappointed.


If you like, we can split the commentary about the two Justice League threads into a third thread.


Wait, 80s fantasy movies are bad now?


Have you seen Deathstalker!


They removed it in post after it tested poorly.


Have you ever seen an 80s fantasy movie?


To be honest, I’d also like somewhere else where I can discuss that third thread separately.


Many, and never once have I seen a bad one.


either this

or this

is a lie.


As I understand it, the Amazon costumes in the Justice League movie are meant to be from a different era to the ones pictured there in Wonder Woman. Apparently the JL costumes are also pretty similar to the training outfits seen in the WW movie (as opposed to the battle armour in that picture).

But I’m sure all the people complaining about it have carefully looked into these details.


I’m not sure there was much division over BvsS, most people put it in the meh category. It’s understandable if there’s going to be a level of frustration over this movie and the forum is a place for people to vent, so I expect alot of frustrated reactions with maybe a defender or two.


His upper lip looked noticeably weird. They should’ve kept it. Naysayers be damned.


I’m tempted to put together a highlight reel of the people who are already screaming about how the reviews for Justice League are signs that Disney has bought the entire movie-reviewing public in a conspiracy to make the DCEU look bad, as opposed to Warners making a bunch of shitty movies (and Wonder Woman)




My issue with Snyder’s films is that they look more like music videos to me than movies. There is just something about the way he films that bothers me. It’s style over substance. I had an enjoyable time at Justice League but maybe only because I was there with some kids who loved it. It was fun enough.


It’s worth noting that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a shitty movie - there’s a lot of movies I can acknowledge as just plain awful, but I still love them.