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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)



The headline should read, “Critics Do What You Expect.” LOL!


He suggested the opposite to me. A decent man doesn’t ignore important issues. He’s my Batman. Maybe we’ve both read too much Camus: sometimes, all times, you just have to continue to laugh at the absurdity of life. Otherwise it can all seem a tad pointless and the point gets missed. Gallows humour à la Wilde et all is not disrespectful if it’s motivated by the right kind of intent.


He is not actually Batman, he just pretends to be.


If we are going to post articles about this movie can we get some with more nuance than “movie has mixed reviews”? Because who really gives a damn? Tell me something interesting or give some analysis, not just the same crap.


It’s interesting that for such an important movie for Warner that a common theme in the reviews is how bad the CGI is.


To be fair it’s no lesser contribution than moaning that the posts don’t suit what you want to see with one paragraph responses. As much as we’d all like a message board to reflect what we’d like to see it has as much chance of success as herding cats.

Nobody has any analysis as nobody here seemingly has seen it yet. Best bet is to put all the presumption aside and just leave the cinema with the reflection on how much you enjoyed it or not.


I’m still hopeful; we’ll get a balance of scale with humour. I haven’t booked a ticket yet, but I’ll catch it after work next week.


I’m going to go against the general grain of this thread and say that the reviews actually have made a difference to my decision on whether to see the movie (or at least, to make an effort to see it soon).

I had mixed feelings on BvS (which I only saw towards the end of its run on a half-price ticket) but liked Wonder Woman a lot, and I was waiting for the reviews on this one to see which way it was going to fall.

It sounds like there might be some fun parts and redeeming aspects, so maybe I’ll try and catch it either towards the end of its run or on DVD - but given that I still haven’t found time to see Thor: Ragnarok or Death Of Stalin yet, this isn’t going to be a priority.


Shifted tact a bit. Use this thread for all the film pregame, reviews and the like. I’ll put up another thread for actual discussion of the film post game as it’s becoming something else at this point.


I’ve skimmed a bunch of reviews, and one thing that keeps popping out at me is “bad CGI.” If there’s one thing I expect out of a blockbuster that costs around a quarter of a billion dollars, it’s CGI that is at least passable.

I have my tickets for Tuesday. Here’s hoping.


It’s not so much that I don’t want to see it, but after the fiftieth article we aren’t getting anything new.


I was pretty surprised at how bad the green screen work was in the clip they showed online of Bruce trying to recruit Aquaman. It was very flat and fake looking. One thing I think will be pretty hilarious is that apparently they didn’t do a good job of removing Cavill’s mustache so it’s still kind of visible at times!


I am going after work and I’m pretty excited. I’m under no illusions it’ll be a classic but it’s a goddamn Justice League movie!

I have had like four conversations in the past week about how bad/ugly the CGI is in Thor Ragnarok. Seems par for the course, no? I could definitely see it for a movie in which the director had to leave during post, though.


Other than Hulk being a little less detailed than in AoU I didn’t think there was anything particularly bad about the CGI in Ragnarok.


Some of the CG in Wonder Woman was a bit dodgy, but the movie was so good it wasn’t that big of a deal. Same with Thor. If the movie is not great, AND the CG is lousy, that kind of compounds it. BvS was a trainwreck, but excepting Doomsday, the effects were really solid and painterly.


I do see a lot of people pointing out that the Amazons’ costumes were changed from those in Wonder Woman to make them “sexier.” They went from wearing armor that covered their entire chests to leather “bras” with exposed midriffs.


So before the movie is even out, we’ve had a Justice League thread that includes criticism of the movie, followed by criticism of that criticism, then complaints that no-one should post any more criticism, and then criticism of the latest Marvel movie to mitigate the Justice League criticism.

It really is going to be like BvS all over again, isn’t it. :slight_smile:


It’s JR, it’s what he does or his life essence will get drained.

His best one for me was Kate Upton engagement photos. :wink:


Not an actual shot from the movie, obviously.