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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)



So the general consensus seems to be ‘mixed, but better than BvS’.

Using my incredibly scientific methods I’m going to aggregate those reviews and calculate an overall score of 64%.

(Take that, Rotten Tomatoes.)


So to go by those review thumbnails, it’s overstuffed with a lot of disparate elements that don’t all totally work, like basically every other movie these days, and the Guardian could not be convinced that Ben Affleck was actually Batman.


But given the reception to BvS, as a person who enjoyed it - I’d angle that as “worse than BvS in the ways that count”.


Right now the metacritic score currently sits at 51. The breakdown shows mostly mixed but there are a lot more positives than negatives. So, I guess that’s something. Not that that sways my eagerness to watch this movie. Been waiting on a Justice League movie since I saw the animated series. :smile:


Apparently the films spoils one of its own surprises by billing Henry Cavill second during the opening credits.


From the Telegraph review:

Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne are once again played by Ben Affleck, but his earnest, striving, Just For Men-box version of the character here is all but unrecognisable from the machine-gun-toting hungover gargoyle in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Which made me think of what you wrote when the first trailer for this dropped:

Once again, superhero movies are getting reviewed exactly how we thought they would?




I call it character progression. :wink:


Apparently, the Flixter app is showing the RT score due to an oversight. Not pretty.


WB: Hey Ben, try to make some jokes this time while you’re promoting our Movie? We don’t want you going viral for looking like you hate the film.

BA: Too easy!


I can’t get the app to load. I wonder if this crashed them.

Edit: The app is back up now but there is no rating for Justice League now.


I think it’s fashionable to shit on DC movies with Wonder Woman being the exception because, well, it’s the very first Wonder Woman movie.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing it Friday. I actually think I’ll not even read the reviews. I want my viewing pristine.


Same here. I was actually trying to look up times over the weekend.


Something a bit more fun and positive:


Well, you know people say - “every commercial is good commercial” :smiley:

Anyway, can’t wait the Friday. Hope that the movie will turn up decent, if a little better than BvS.


Whew. Well, I saw articles from CBR and others already flaunting it - so cat is out of the bag.,


What a storm in a teacup. I’m not sure what’s so egregious about what he said. If anything, he’s being ultra-Jezabel and suggesting that all men are scum. Guy can’t win.


Waiting till opens here.

Let you know on Friday how it turns out.

(Yeah, i know all of you are really waiting for my review… It´s scary guys :yum:)


I know, I think it’s the very silly end of the spectrum. He should hundered per cent know not to bring that stuff up but everyone does know fishnets are awesome, surely.