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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


Another article on the Fourth World in relation to the movie:


For me where the DCCU approach fails (except in Wonder Woman) is not necessarily a big philosophical failing…it’s simply entertainment value. Marvel movies have a better story, snappier, more natural dialogue, more appealing characters…I also think they may have been better at picking out the right cast and directors.

Having said that the DC movies aren’t all bad, there is fun to be had. If people like them, great for them, but I’ve been more consistently entertained by the Marvel studios movies.


Is the movie just 2 hours long? I’ve seen it listed as 2 hours 50 minutes in some places…


I haven’t seen it, but plenty of the guys here who have have commented on its relative shortness, as far as this type of film goes, so yeah, it should be just under/around 2 hrs.


Cool, thanks.


It’s 2 hours. Not sure where they’re getting the extra 50 minutes. Are you sure it isn’t BvS?


He’s played by Christopher Reeve? :open_mouth:


Just the way you hope.



Damn. I would have liked to have seen this.


Didn’t photos of it leak? I could have sworn I saw some.


It was never clear if they were actually photos of the black suit or just photos of the regular suit turned black and white.


Don’t worry, it was just him badly dancing down the street with his hair pulled over his eyes, smirking at some girls.