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Justice League - Pregame (Critical Reviews, Musings, etc. - No Spoilers)


Opens everywhere this Friday.

Reviews will be up in the next day or so, but not on RottenTomatoes, as they’re saving it for their Facebook Video show on Thursday:


Do I need to watch the second half of Wonder Woman to watch this?

I.e. Is there any connective tissue between BvS, WW & JL other than WW being a character in all 3?


The other Amazons apparently have a small role in this, but they’re all from the first half of WW.


Thanks paul


How big a red flag is holding back the score? How on earth can they think that’s the right thing to do?


I assumed it was just a marketing thing for RT to promote their new show. Didn’t they do it for another recent movie too?

Edit: a Google reminds me that it was the Bad Moms sequel.


It’s a pretty big flag. The clips showing some of the reshoot footage also reminded me a bit of Tranktastic.


Probably because of the press they got from BvS and Suicide Squad. It’s most likely pure spite.

Edit: I take that back. It’s part of a new content platform roll out for them. They are using the tomato score to get people to tune in.


Another element of this is that Warners are part-owners of Rotten Tomatoes.


Really? Ha, that’s crazy.


Ding ding!


It’s a bit weird if there really is an ulterior motive here, because all RT do is aggregate reviews from other parties. So those reviews will still be out there and people able to read them.

I guess maybe that extra day of people not being able to see a negative RT score (if indeed it does turn out to be a very negative score) is probably worth a fair bit, though.


A lot of people (me included) use RT as a source for all those reviews though, and if they’re not listed on there people might not bother checking them out.

Also, for A Bad Moms Christmas, even though the score was revealed on the video show on Thursday morning, they didn’t actually show the score or link to the reviews on the site until Friday.


I already have my tickets. I won’t be moved by reviews. Then again, I’m generally not moved by reviews for something I really want to see.


I’ve got my ticket for Friday morning, and I’m pretty excited to finally see this thing. I don’t particularly care about RT, I tend to just look at the few reviewers who’s opinion I put some stock in.

The early Twitter reactions were quite positive I thought. So I’m not expecting BvS level reviews.


Going to a matinee on Thursday. Only 7 bucks, and I am not very confident that it won’t turn out to be similar to Richard Lester’s Superman II.


Torn between going on Thursday and staying home to watch Celtics/Warriors. Ugh!

(I’ll probably go. Would love to sneak in a BvS rewatch but don’t have time)


I’ve taken a day off so I can go see it on Friday afternoon. I take my films seriously.


Got my ticket for Thursday night. Stoked.

And I’ve read to stay until the end of the credits…

Edit: adding a review 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.