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Justice League just won SDCC for DC...


Whether this movie is good or bad I have no idea.

Newton’s First Law suggests it will be bad, given what’s been happening since around Green Lantern :slight_smile:

But my God did it feel good to see some proper icons coming together for this Justice League trailer. I’m on holiday and watching from afar but every trending thing I saw said DC ruled this show and won the big battle of the buzz on Saturday:



I love it!


I was worried when I heard about all the re shoots…but the trailers look amazing!


It’s going to be a hit, in fact I think it’ll clear a billion and I THINK it’s going to be fun. The casting is spot on.

My only issue right now is that Steppenwolf seems to have taken dialogue coaching from Bane?

But I don’t think that’s going to be a deal breaker. :slight_smile:


I’m just glad we were all able to see live action Boom Tubes.

Those looked awesome.


I really loved the new trailer and the poster. I had been starting leaning more toward Ragnarok as the film I was looking forward to more but the new stuff last week won me back over.


Ragnarok has a real uphill battle for me, after Thor 1 and 2.
It might be the best one, but I’m gonna wait until my ticket stub has been discarded after the showing haha.

There’s always been good aspects in these films that I’ve enjoyed, just lacking the proper handling or execution to really carry those across. Justice League’s trailer…just looked a lot more stable.


Something about the Ragnarok trailer feels off to me, although I suspect I’m going to really enjoy the film and I LOVE the look of Hela.

The Justice League trailer worked better for me and really felt epic. Not sold on the Flash, but everything else looks incredible.

Both of these movies are going to be really gaudy in the way I like.


Me too.


I preferred the Thor trailer - I think talking Hulk won the weekend. DC however helped themselves immensely and it feels like the market is willing them success. The internet is on their side, which it wasn’t before Wonder Woman. Still, I’m not sure JL can break a billion. I think it has less appeal to non comic fans than we imagine (whereas Avengers had mass appeal). And foreign markets may not be into it (given WW’s relatively low international box office).


I hope it’s not mostly gloomy and filmed in the dark. The Flash costume really makes the TV version look like something you could acquire on eBay.


I worry about the film keeping my interest up because I don’t want to go to the movie and just wait for the guy referenced in the word “SAVE” on the poster to show up. Hope can be a dangerous thing.


Is this:

meant to represent Green Lantern? Because that’s a pretty radical redesgn of the logo if so.

No idea about this one:

Animal Man? :confused:


No, that’s an “A” not a “U”.





It’s weird, I have never associated either of them with particular logos. Is this just a movie thing is is it from the comics?


The Aquaman one has been around for ages.

Cyborg’s is relatively new.


What Tom said.


Funny they made Cyborg’s logo look so much like Hal 9000.


I thought that was kind of on purpose.