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Justice League Dark gets a director


I like Doug Liman. Be cool to see him do a superhero movie.

Also, a nice change of pace to see DC go a little dark after all that light-hearted, campy fluff they’ve been doing :slight_smile:



I’m annoyed at this decision for reasons I will not disclose but it involves Channing Tatum and an X-men film, and the Louisiana bayou.

I know that’s cryptic, but that’s all you’re getting.

But yes, Liman is pretty great. So is Ayer mind you…


Does anyone think that if they live up to the name Justice League Dark and make it darker than what they have done in the previous movies, it might be 2 hours of a black screen?


Movie opens with the cast in a warm bath taking an overdose and slashing their wrists, leonard Cohen playing in the background…



Well if they do something like ‘Suicide Squad’ (complete with magical villain) but get the tone they want, right from the start (and not have to reshoot a third of the film) they should be on to a winner.

I like Liman’s work too, and I’m a fan of Constantine and Swamp thing, so I’ll be following this one closely.


Doug Liman did The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow, for that he gets my absolute faith…

until the first trailers/pictures/set report/whatever says it looks like all the other DC movies.


I think the name of the movie is poorly chosen. The audience is going to assume it’s the Justice League film and the “dark” part is just a descriptive adjective.


That’s a fair point, perhaps they’ll change it? Or add a good subtitle.

It wont be out until well after ‘Justice League’ though, so they have time to get people used to what it really is.


I think it’s going to be called “Dark Universe,” or something like that. That was the title when Del Toro was attached.


They’re just using the name of the comic when this team was together there. It’s quite possible it will change.

I think DC needs to stop second guessing themselves and double down on their plans. As long as they bring Keanu Reeves back for the Constantine role, I’m in. :wink:


I also think that’s what they are going to call it. Plus we get to see swamp thing, zatanna, etrigan, and deadman on the big screen for the first time so that’ll be exciting. Wonder who the villain would be. Felix Faust?


I liked the working title of Heaven Sent more.
It had a great early 00’s occult noir feel.


It’s amazing to see WB learn absolutely nothing. They’re like a junkie on this train to financial hell but they just keep going faster. Someone should stage an intervention.


See I think that’s the problem. They’ve listened too much and tried to readjust things. Batman v. Superman would have been better served by a Man of Steel sequel in between. Suicide Squad would have been better served by giving Ayers more room. I liked what we got but I think they should stay course and we would have gotten better films.


Having read the outline of what Ayers was doing I think the film might’ve been better but it would’ve had a much harder time at the box office, and that’s what Warner Bros are (quite rightly) concerned about.

If we want superhero movies with that level of cast and production value they have to attract huge audiences.

The reshoots that Warner Bros paid for made the film choppier, but they also (IMHO) made it more enjoyable for more people.

They listened and they learned.

I think they’re on a much better track for both ‘Justice League’ movies, I doubt this “dark” one will be as dark as it would’ve been, and it’ll be lighter from pre-production onwards, not from the reshoots.


Ya, a name doesn’t always mean everything. I mean the Thor movie that they’re touting as light and funny has a title that is synonymous with armageddon.


Yeah their whole franchise has been a reaction to what fans liked and didn’t like about the film or two before. At some point I think they’re better off not listening to the fans at all and just doing what they want.


It’s a highway of paved intentions Robert/


But it also sounds like Scooby-Doo trying to explain something, so that moves it considerably up the funny scale.


But you’re saying that (as is Ronnie) as a fan who did like what they did to begin with; MoS.

Those fans who didn’t like that are very happy to see them start to change course.

We’re both fans, and we both want WB to listen to us, and not the other guy.