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Just wanted to share my latest comic- CIRCLE


Hey guys just wanted to share my latest comic with you.

If you dig it you can check out more of my stuff over at my website.


  • Christof


Interesting. It has more of a European comic feel to it which I like. So in this world is “magic” actually science? Is your artist this guy: @ArminOzdic?


I am. :slight_smile: Line art.


Nice. I always enjoy your style.


Thank you! And I’m glad it’s recognizable. :slight_smile:


This was a cool read, nice work guys.


Very very awesome. I liked it. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks so much! Really appreciate you taking time out to give it a read.


To answer your question; basically in this world magic is taken the role of science. Instead of being based on science, all technology is derived form magic and magical knowledge. Armin really brought a strong European vibe to the project :slight_smile: plus the colourist, Triona Farrell, is also from Europe.


Got a bit of a Soledad O’Roark vibe from the main character.