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Just wanna share a preview for an upcoming 2 pg scifi story I'm writing.


Thought it would be cool to share this here. It’s page 1 of a 2 page story called Recruitment Drive. It should be hitting my website next week or the week after. The art is by Robert Ahmad.


It looks good. I love the ship design.


Thanks! He’s a hell of an artist. I’ve collaborated with him on a humorous 1-page story and a melancholy 3-page sci-fi story.


Is that stuff on your website? Do you want to post a link?




I have a series called Orion’s Belt on there and another called A Shot of Whiskey. The Whiskey stories are the ones I mentioned.


Really nice!
Love it!


Ditto on the ship design. Has a beautiful Adam Strange like neo-futuristic vibe. Love it…