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Just sent the mods Huck 1-3 plus lots & lots of Quitely pages!


isn’t it great being a Mod? :smile:



There is something wrong with that sentence.

Now, what might that be?




It’s amazing to be a Mod. Huck #1-3 are amazing. Can’t wait to crack into the Quitely pages later.


You bastards! :wink: I’ll wait patiently :sunglasses:


We need a self improvement thread us achieve mod-dom!


I’m okay with being a peasant.
I think it gives me a bit of an underground edge awww yeaah


Hahaha when you put it like that it certainly sounds appealing!


So, all I have to do is change my username to Mod, channel my best Mrs Peel impression and ride off into the sunset on a Vespa (soundtrack: Quadrophenia). Why didn’t anyone tell me?? :wink: