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Just sent Huck #1 to the Illuminati!


Hope ye enjoy.


Full details in 5 weeks time!



I hope the Lizard People enjoy it!


It’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. People are going to be raving about it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in comics. Nothing else is like it.


Peppa Pig is the Illuminati


Dammit Jim! As if the five-week wait wasn’t already hard enough for us lower class members.
What do I have to give to find out who the artist is?


I’m still not in?!? I only took this gig for the free comics. :wink:


Ah, Ronnie. I just got your addy yesterday. Will send it over in a jiffy.



There’s one panel in particular that’s just perfect. Great art, and very much looking forward to where it’s going Mark.


Thanks, Chief. I was just giving you a hard time. I’ll look forward to seeing this though.


So I guess the Ambassadors are left out?

(Sob) It’s okay.

(Kicks rock) Didn’t want to see it anyway.

(Cries uncontrollably)


The first time I read this I read it as a How Great Thou Art, the church hymn, pun.


Sacrifice a fox?


Jim Ohara is the Illuminati?


Is that a hint? Or a reference? Anything?


It’s now an old, old story Millar told.

One night a fox tried to break into the rabbit hutch. Cue screaming rabbits, one bleary-eyed woken-up Millar and one mean-looking bastard of a fox.

Undaunted, Millar went into battle with a cry of: Get tae fuck! And the fox legged it!


Ben, you forgot the part with the remote control helicopter!


Well, add it in then!

I suppose it was remiss of me to not emphasise that the fox lived and is now thought to be plotting nefarious plans…


I know it’s a pain to wait, all I can say is just look forward to one of the sweetest books you’ll ever read.


So much for keeping the blasted Illuminati a “secret”!!!

Next thing we know he’ll be talking about Fight Club!