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just saw Woody Allen's Irrational Man


And going to add it to the very small list of great movies I saw this year.

Woody at the top of his game, Phoenix mesmerising. The fact they never got him for Dr Strange a huge loss, I think. Like Cumberwumber but the gravity of Phoenix is unmatched by pretty much any actor of his generation.



PS I just noticed this is at 42% on RT. What an absolute joke. Antz btw is 95%.

I always think RT is very skewed as 3 star reviews count as much of a positive as a 5 star review. Hence our Kingsman score of 75% (just 1% over Age of Ultron) when critical response was far better. It’s why I guess I trust metacritic more.



Haven’t watched a Woody film since Match Point…
No tell a lie, i saw Midnight in Paris, but weren’t impressed.
I just don’t think Aleen makes great movies anymore, but if you say irrational man is good, I’ll watch it, but i ain’t paying £20.00 for two tickets…i’ll wait for sky! :wink:


Rotten Tomatoes only affects my perception if the score is incredibly high (>96%) or incredibly low (<19%). It’s what first made me notice that the impression I got from the Mad Max: Fury Road (99%) trailer may have been off and that my hopes for Fantastic Four (9%) may have been misplaced.


It is true, it’s not a bad measure but the issue always comes with middling reviews that they then have to put into fresh or rotten categories. It’s good for a critical smash or complete dud but anything with anything in the middle it’s very subjective.