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Just put Sean Murphy's Empress variant...


…in the secret retailer VIP forum. Go take a look, those of ye with comic stores!!!



When you call it a Secret VIP forum, I always imagine it being something like the Bilderberg group but with canapes and umbrella drinks.


More like peanuts and beer, I imagine.


It’s artisanal peanut butter and craft beer though. :wink:


@Mark_Millar - I just realized in all the years I’ve known you, I don’t recall you speaking about music. You a fan of any particular kind of music? What do you listen to?


He’s talked about his love of Queen and the uncomfortable conversation with his school principal about it. :wink:


Anything since 1985 or so?

The man is a mystery wrapped up in an enigma.

Or a taco shell. Something.


I’m pretty sure Mark has said before he’s never particularly been into music.