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Just had a brain-wave for a Millarworld crossover!


Literally boiling the kettle when it came to me and the whole thing came like a fully-formed baby.


All in one big seven or eight issue epic.

I need to write all this down before I forget it, but once immediate deadlines are taken care of I’m gonna squeeze this into my Christmas schedule.

It really is that spectacular!



I guess I didn’t realize that Empress was in the real-world Millarworld Universe. Does it taking place so far in the past take care of that? This does sound brilliant.


WOW! Sir, you’re going to crash down the time-space continuum!


Well the Chrononauts are most probably the key factor for crossing over with Empress. The other two, I have no idea. Maybe the past Earth had a connection with Tantalus?


Which all are, of course, part of an intricate mental torture designed by Uncle Walter.


This should be very interesting!


Nice! Presumably there is some Galactic back and forth, no reason that Tantalus wouldn’t have some historical connection to the Empress cast.


Which only leaves Superior hanging out… maybe?


There’s such a genius way to bring back Superior that I don’t think anyone should utter it.


I always thought that Starlight would tie in to Empress. Even in just a loose way, like the 2008 Millar crossover.
Has Superior turned up in Jupiter’s Legacy yet? I’m behind on reading (but I’m still buying) them.


Nah, just the Heat.


Superior is part of the “real-world” Millarworld and Jupiter’s Legacy is part of the “fantasy” Millarworld that exists in comics and movies in the other world.


But where does the real Superior come from? A lingering memory from a previous reality? :wink:


Maybe. He was a comic and movie character. So he may be an archetype character for the Utopian who lingers as a memory from the previous/now imaginary reality.


Has there been crossover epics in other creator owned comics or otherwise? I know about The Valiant (tho haven’t read it) that, I think, crossed over their titles for a spectactular event.

Anyone think of anything else?