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Just got our numbers for Empress #1...


…and we’re 20,000 over the best-selling X-Men book :slight_smile:

Big thx to Marvel for giving this such a big push. Stuart’s in Canada so only just waking up but he’s going to be delighted when he sees where we’ve come in. Huge thanks especially to all the stores for supporting us. We sent a copy of #1 to all the stores here in our forums yesterday and last night so a 30% increase at final order cut-off in a single day, which I’ve never seen before.

We’ve put our heart and soul into this book so thanks to everyone for getting behind it!

On sale April 6th!!



Nice to see everyone buying into the work you’ve all done. Numbers say it all.


That’s brilliant. Congratulations Chief.


Fantastic news! Congratulations!


Congrats, Mark. I think people are going to really enjoy this book.

Just read the scripts for the next thing last night. It’s so awesome and I think it’s going to compliment this book quite well.


This has been a massive team effort. Thanks to all my pals for helping me pimp this book, especially Jim who has just been above and beyond with that retailer mailer last night!

The week of launch we have our big movie news and people seem to really like the book so I think we could be looking at a sell-out here, which would be fantastic.



I don’t know if it’s conscious or not, but when you guys start talking about Super secret future project stuff, you all start to sound like you’re in Goodfellas. :wink: :

“Hey you know, you helped me out that time with the thing with the guy.”
“Yeah…I’ll never forget it…Say hi to your sister for me.”



That Capullo book not even out until October. It’s nice to be a mod :slight_smile:

PS to Ronnie: We’ll have 3 full issues of lettered Quitely coming your way in the next couple of weeks!!


I honestly don’t do it to rub people’s faces in it. All the stuff is just that good. I can’t wait to see Capullo put pictures to this. I’m hoping he may be scratching away on it Saturday.

It is nice to be a mod. Will look forward to this.


I know. It’s just funny to think of you as Henry Hill and Millar as Paulie… I figure that @JimOHara is probably Jimmy…Who would be Tommy?

That sounds awesome. If we had an envy enoji, I would be using it right now :envelope:…The envelope one will just have to do.


I’ll be here Saturday. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez will be there too. I’m super pumped.


WHAT? I love JLGL so much. Where is this???



C2E2 in Chicago.


One word. Wow.

I love Garcia-Lopez. I have his Superman HC at my bedside at the moment. I like to dip in every now and again. It never fails to make me smile.


You need to grab him (JLGL) for a book or at least an alternate cover someday.


Great news!!


Congratulations! Empress is right in my wheelhouse, too. Great to see you back to Scifi after Starlight.


Mark, as good at marketing as you are, it’s an area where there are always new paths to explore.

You do tend to under-shoot on issue #1 press runs. I should think Empress will be quite strong, as will both the next Quitely and the Capullo project.

FWIW - I don’t think this is a time for extra floppies, so a close press run is a good thing. Those who want to read can do so digitally, collectors get a challenge, no overage. However, with clever method of amassing the whole run, the trade should be available ASAP. Would you think maybe in time for Christmas?


Not true, brother. In the last couple of years we’ve been printing around 25% over orders on our orders for first issue prints. We only go back to press once we’ve burned through the overprint.



Cool! I know you know much more than me, and have made adjustments.

I continue to stand in awe of your business models!

(Not flattery. I just have time to ponder these things. Accurate information tends to help!)