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Just finished the last page of REBORN #6!


You know that scene in Misery where James Caan finishes his book and treats himself to a cigarette?

Well, after completing Reborn for Mister Greg Capullo, the most complex and epic project I’ve ever written, I am about to treat myself to a big cup of tea with three sugars. But this was as satisfying as it was challenging and I had young Capullo there to hold my hand the whole way through writing it. I cannot wait to share this with you guys. We’re doing NO interviews and giving no more info about the story until ONE SINGLE INTERVIEW the Monday before release just so you can experience this to the full. Greg will be sharing his phenomenal art from time to time, but that’s all you see until October and you see the first lettered pages when you open the book.

In an age of too much noise it’s actually really interesting promoting something this way.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back onto two projects I was writing in secret before I started Reborn in January (yes, these six issues really have taken me five months of world-building!) which takes me right up to the end off the year when I’ve carved out TWELVE WEEKS to do either a big MARVEL OR DC special project. In the new year I’m starting Millarworld Phase 2 and the sequels to all the movies we have coming up like Superior, Empress and so on, but just out of pure fanboy fun I’m going to do my first work-for-hire in a number of years at the end of this year and do nothing else for twelve full weeks. It’s actually going to be a lovely change of pace before I jump back into my own stuff and I’m meeting Marvel pals in NYC and DC buddies in LA to have a chat. I’m totally into both so just going to shoot down the pub in both cities and see what works out. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, time for tea. Hollywood people, that genius Greg Capullo is now deep into issue two and all the scripts are here so Reborn will be going out next week to the producer I’ve had my eye on for this. Incredibly exciting. More soon!

Your Scots bud,


Can’t wait to see more of Reborn. I think Capullo is going to kill this one.

As always, I’m curious about everything else coming down the line too. Exciting times.


I was lucky enough to see the inks for Issue 1 last night. It’s beyond insane. This comic is going to blow people’s minds.


Just sent you and the mod crew issues 1-6 :slight_smile:



Chief, do you really want to be drawing comparisons with the writer from Misery? You might end up inspiring one of the crazy fans here to go “Annie Wilkes” on your foot…


I’ll look forward to it. :smiley:


So excited for this book. You had previously mentioned a game is in the works. Am I correct in assuming this will be a PS4/Xbox1 release, or is it something entirely different? I have Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2, and need more MillarWorld titles in my game collection. As always, thanks in advance, and I look forward to whatever is coming our way.


Way too excited for this! I work in Waterstones, Sauchiehall St and i will be looking out for this hitting the shelves :blush: All the best :smiley:


For whatever reason, Mark, that twelve weeks sounds like a sort of vacation for you.


So there will be a sequel to superior?


Nice one! Looking forward to buying you a drink in NYC, sir!


Yes there will. More details will be announced next year.


Sounds like you’ll have your pick of producers. There’s no way I could possibly imagine someone passing on this, just judging from what I’ve read here and the recent cover/logo reveals.
Just curious how involved you’ll be in the film. Will you have final approval on anything, is that something you’d want? Or do you like to keep your distance and let the film be it’s own thing?
Personally what I would love to see is a computer animated film similar in visual quality to something like Rango.


If I were a donut I’d be jelly filled!

(cuz I’m jealous)

(like a jelly donut)

(filled with jealous)

(I’m so sorry)


Actually, if you could get Gore Verbinski, and the entire Rango crew, that would really make my day, and probably yours too.