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Just back from the Edinburgh Festival...


…and saw the best stand-up show I think I’ve ever seen. Guy’s called Seymour Mace. You can probably google him. But The Stand 2 has a capacity of fifty and you can’t begin to describe how good this is as a live show. So intense, but so brilliant.

Also saw a great magic show called GENIE with Edward Hilsum which had two tricks I just can’t even begin to imagine. Amazing, amazing stuff. A brilliant day. Off to catch Kathryn Ryan and Doug Segal next week plus the Charles Hawtrey play OH HELLO.

God, I love The Fringe.



Ahh! So jealous!


I love good magic shows. I saw Penn and Teller a few weeks ago in New York. It was fantastic.


Liz and I will be in Edinburgh 9th - 11th September, AFTER all the festivals and Highland games are finished. In fact, it seems every theatre and concert venue and opera house in Edinburgh will be dark those few days that we are visiting. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?

At least the museums will be open, and the National Gallery of Modern Art will be running exhibitions of MC Escher and of Roy Lichtenstein. So there’s that.

Of course, if Mr. Millar were to pop by for a pint or a shot of single malt, that would make up for the lack of theatrical entertainment. Whaddaya say, Chief? First round’s on me!


Where you based? If you can get to Glasgow before end of month the Millarworld exhibition is well worth a look. Heading there yet again this week sometime.


Damn @njerry, I would have made the trip down to Edinburgh to ensure there was a MW meet up, even if it was a small scale one, but junior will definitely have arrived by then and don’t think the missus will appreciate it if I scoot off to Edinburgh for the weekend and leave her holding baby.


Congratulations Bruce! Hope all goes well with the wife and baby come the time.


No worries, Bruce. Best wishes for the new family addition!


Jerry, where are you on the 9th? We’re doing a trip 10th and 11th, but around eve of the 9th.



We’re taking the train up from London and arriving in Edinburgh early afternoon on the 9th. Our hotel is around the corner from St. Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

The fact that we are a few doors from this place is pure coincidence. :slight_smile:


Katherine Ryan’s great live. I suspect it’s not in her current show, but I caught Glam Role Model late last year and her Beyonce impression in that was brilliant.