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Just back from Star Trek... (Spoilers Welcome)


…and could not have loved it more. Easily my fave movie of 2016 and the best Trek since Wrath of Kahn.

Into Darkness was very uneven, but I loved the first movie in the reboot and even then I think this might have it beat. the character stuff is great and just so fun. It’s that vibe the Marvel movies had around 2008-2012 where you’re just in there for a bloody good time. I really adored it. The Spock/ Bones stuff was beautiful.

Honestly, go see this. This has been an incredibly poor year for big cinema, but this, Jungle Book and Zootropolis have kept me going. All three featuring Idris Elba, interestingly.


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Just got back. Good grief I was bored. I’m assuming people who are big time Star Trek fans will find the energy to have stuff to say about it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care at any point. Painfully generic, none of the attempted jokes landed, wasn’t bothered about any of the characters, stopped paying attention to what was going on or why about half way through.


I read the plot at Wikipedia and it sounds like pretty standard Star Trek movie stuff.


I thoroughly enjoyed it. It did a good job of being a big budge movie, but feeling like an extended episode of the the tv show.

The action scenes were all well handled. Especially the attack on the Enterprise, I though that looked awesome. The teaming of Spock and Bones was great. The whole bit with the necklace was hilarious. And I liked the though-line with Kirk starting off being a little bored with life as a captain, but finding his place by the end. Although I do think it puts his father issues to bed quite well, so i hope the next one doesn’t drag all that back again.

Idris Elba was good as the villain. His backstory wasn’t anything I haven’t see before, but i thought it worked. And I loved Jaylah. The character design was fantastic.

And the Sabotage scene…You could see it coming a mile away, and it was silly as hell. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t make me smile


I enjoyed it. Not much of a plot (it felt like an extended TV episode at times), but I like spending time with these characters, and I think it did pretty well with the “better together” theme.

Elba didn’t get a lot to do for most of the movie. I thought he did well with the post-reveal stuff though. I thought the third act was better than a lot of recent blackbuster movies.


I loved almost everything about it. All the character beats were perfect and the dialogue sounded right for the “real” Star Trek. And I loved the designs – Yorktown in particular was stunningly beautiful and inventive.

The bits that I mostly didn’t love were the space battles and fistfights. Holy moley they were badly filmed. Half the time it was so fast and shaky and blurry that I couldn’t work out what I was looking at. Awful camera work.

Maybe I’m just old, but I honestly don’t think that modern special effects (combined with modern direction and editing) serve a story as well as the old-fashioned stuff used to. Five minutes of the Enterprise moving sedately through the Mutara Nebula looking for Kahn held (and still hold) more tension and excitement than 30 seconds of nu-Enterprise going whizz-flash-look-at-me-i’m-cgi and shooting at a bazillion motion blurs.

So maybe if they produce a remastered cut with “20 minutes of deleted space battles!” I’ll watch this again and give it a 9 or 10. As it is, I’ll give it an 8 purely for the script and the actors doing a sterling job.

Oh, and just a random observation: I didn’t realise it was Idriss Elba for 90% of the film.


I liked Bones calling it Classical music was a nice touch too

I enjoyed myself a lot. Bones and Spock made a good pair. yes, the plot was an expanded tv episode but you would have never gotten that level of effects in a TV episode. One of my favorite scenes was the motorcycle scene.The destruction of the Enterprise was a great piece of VFX. I think knowing it was Elba behind that makeup helped me. the mix of a war hero having trouble dealing with peace and being abandoned made his character very interesting.

p.s. The idea of Urban and Elba leaving this filming and going to film Ragnarok and then Urban bringing Hemsworth back for ST 4 makes me happy too


Maybe. :wink:
I thought the action was good (a bit shakey, but it didn’t go overboard).
My big issue with the movie was that all of the scenes seemed trimmed down. They cut from the end of a scene to the next with no space to breathe. I think I’d make the whole thing fifteen minutes longer by adding five seconds to the end of all scenes. My friend actually couldn’t engage with it properly for the first half, he found it that distracting.

It was nice to see Uhura getting in on the action.
And yeah, the Sabotage scene left me grinning.
Parkman from heroes turns up in this one! Why is he suddenly getting bit parts in blockbusters? It’s great. :smile:


He’s a JJ Abrams regular, going back to Felicity. He did the voice for Kirk’s stepdad in the 2009 movie too.


I had no idea. That’s great!


As Paul said, he’s one of JJ’s best friends.

He was also in Alias, and had cameos in Mission Impossible 3 and The Force Awakens.


I’ll have to look out for him when I next watch MI3.
His character is seriously the highlight of the Poe Dameron comic.


If you haven’t seen Alias, you definitely should (the first two seasons anyway).


Okay. Sure, why not? :laughing:

Anybody reckon that Jayla will come back in the next movie? Or is she a one and done?


one and done is my conclusion. At the end of 2, Dr Marcus was a member of the Enterprise but not seen in 3. Jayla is probably in same situation.


I kind of hope Jayla replaces Chekov since Abrams said they aren’t going to recast the part.


I enjoyed this movie more than any I have in a long time. It’s so incredibly beautiful. Part of it is the full
of majesty, seeing Federation style technology rendered on mega-structure scale in a fashion I’ve rarely seen outside of “Mass Effect.”

This is the movie where they said, “you’ve seen this story before in many other movies, so we will blind you with
art direction and action.”

I was so down on this film after the first two trailers. I eat my words. I eat them Sirracha and garlic chili
sauce. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. I’m going to see it again, because it is so damn awesome on the big screen.


I didn’t love it like some here but I liked it quite a lot. There is just so much cool stuff in there.

They nailed the casting on this series so hard. You could grab any two people from the core group and I could watch them alone for two hours. Quinto and Urban were pure joy to watch—nailed the characters, nailed the dialogue, amazing chemistry.

Also I’m not sure who has the bigger man-crush on Chris Pine between me and Jim O’Hara, but I don’t know how he isn’t the biggest star in the world. He has the looks, he owns the screen, loads of charm, does action and humor and he makes it look easy. Imagine how much better the comics franchises would be if he were Captain America, Hal Jordan, or Cyclops. (That said I’m not sure about him in the WW trailer, but still)


Yeah, he should have been Cap.


he was great on Fallon