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Just back from Millarworld masterclass in Paris


Not sure if anyone from the boards was in the audience in Paris on Saturday night, but what a brilliant experience. I was out there introducing the Civil War movie in a French cinema, but also did a 90 minute masterclass on stage followed by a signing. Followed and preceded by lots of wine. Some pics below. Thanks to the 400 lovely people who showed up…



Oh, and let’s not forget…


Oh Wow!
That is soooo cool.
Love the Red Son display!


That Red Son picture is great.


It was so amazing to see in real life!



Also, check out the main corridor as we came in…

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i was in Paris and missed it.


Wow. Very nice, Chief. Love the huge artwork. The Superior one was very cool.


That explains while one Mjolnir-loving ex-MillarWorldlarian did not come across you in Scotland!

France, and not even a hint of an international incident! I’m proud of you, Mark!


Wish I was aware =/