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Just back from Independence Day 2


Even Jeff Goldblum could not save this movie.

It’s much worse than I could ever have imagined and I say this as someone who loved the original.

Nothing can prepare you for how bad this movie is.




That sounds like it’s worth a watch then. :laughing:


That’s unfortunate. Thanks for saving me the 15 bucks.


The fighter pilots were awful.

Having said that…I think that if someone likes the original this at least ranks a borderline okay


If China means this movie makes money they’re going to start a war :slight_smile:

PS I disagree on the first movie. I think it was fun and had likeable characters and some great performances. It was well-structured and well-directed too.


thats why i avoided it at all costs!
I’d pay NOT to see it! :wink:

I think they were going after that Jurassic Park nostaglia crowd…who saw the original when they were kids, but now get to take their kids…
But once you have seen Alien invasions in stuff like Avengers anything else is gonna be pants.


I completely agree about the first movie.

But I also think that in relative to the first movie…this qualifies as alright.
Loved Brent Spiner as a mad scientist, thought he was the highlight.
Goldblum is the only one trying to pull the plot along.
The Warlord and the Accountant was good ol’ cheese.

The only truly awful parts were the fighter pilots.


Pullman was great. In fact all the experienced actors did well… with what they were given…

It’s a big shiny, jumbled mess of a film. I’m not sorry I saw it but I doubt I’ll ever see it again.


Pullman’s always great. My college roommates and I used to have Pullman movie marathons. They always included Lake Placid.


Oh, I think the trailers did a pretty good job.

I have seen both Battlefield: Earth and Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. I know to not spend time or money!


I would see a third one for more of what I liked, but I won’t be sad if there isn’t a third one.