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Just back from Civil War - THE NEW THREAD!!!! (SPOILERS WITHIN)


I enjoyed the film, but the wee guy playing Spidey by far the best thing in it. He’s hugely likeable as Peter. Nobody’s managed to capture the kinetics of Raimi again, but this kid might actually be better than Tobey Maguire, whom I loved.

It’s interesting how confused a lot of the audience were. I’ve always maintained the best thing that ever happened were the characters spread over all the studios because they were forced to do simple continuity. But as they all come under one umbrella it’s easy to get lost. People near me had never seen Winter Soldier for example and utterly baffled. I think mainstream audiences, which were tapped into so well for the first ten years, will struggle to understand a lot of this. Half my crowd, for example, had no idea who The Vision was or Scarlet Witch, not remembering them from Ultron. It’s also very, very, very bleak in places. I was quite surprised how much.


Captain America - Civil War (SPOILERS INSIDE, read after watching)
Justice League trailer chat-back

I think he’s best as Spidey, by far.

Maguire skipped the quips entirely which doesn’t reflect the comics, when Garfield did it he seemed like a bully or too sarcastic. Holland is conversational and funny.

As Peter, we only got a small bit, which was fun, can’t get used to hot Aunt May.

I’m looking forward now to the solo film after not bothering with ASM2 until it turned up on an aeroplane.


You know, it is weird to have HotMay, but on the other hand, its a lot more realistic to have an aunt around 30ish years older, rather than 50ish. Never even really gave it any thought before I saw the film, to be honest.


It does make more sense, in the comics she seemed to be in her 70s which is strange when he’s meant to be in high school.


Totally. It’d be one thing if she wasn’t really his aunt, but instead a kind old neighbor that took him in, or something, but that isn’t the case.

I’m totally team HotMay!


It would make more sense if he were Catholic like Daredevil.


Okay this is opening in a few places today (@Kiel is mulling over seeing it in Thailand on opening day) so here is the official thread for people who have seen the film to share their views and reviews.


So I just got back from seeing it.

I’m not spoiler texting anything, its in the title of the thread after all. I will, however, save the spoilers for my last paragraph. By the way, for those who are curious, there were 2 post-credit sequences in the film, and I’d say the first one is almost necessary for the conclusion of the film, while the second one is just fun.

First of all, I’d give it a solid 8.5. This was a good action film with lots of standout moments for most characters. The humor in this film is mostly supplied by the new members to the team, particularly Spidey and Ants, and they deliver it well. I guess I should say here that Spidey was great, and Peter Parker was great . . . definitely interested in seeing what they do with his solo movie. What I particularly appreciated about his humor was that it was so conversational, there weren’t really any zingers or quips, he was just a funny kid talking, and it worked so much better than I’ve ever seen Spidey’s humor on screen in the past.

Zemo is, as you’ve probably heard by now, nothing like the comic character, and follows in the grand line of Marvel underutilizing villains. This might not be so surprising in a film that wants to focus on the characters fighting each other, but I still wish they could’ve served up something with more substance with the catalyst for their fight; it probably would’ve brought my score to a 9. Crossbones is essentially a glorified cameo; his sequence in the film actually reminded me way too much of Batroc’s in The Winter Soldier.

The reports about the airport action sequence were spot-on, it’s awesome, and it really takes advantage of the different abilities of this big collection of characters. It is also, however, the climax of the actual “civil war”, as it were, which comes pretty early, and leaves the remainder of the film for just one more throwdown between bucky/cap and iron man. This of course means that in one way that the stakes are a lot lower at the end of the film, but it does come off as much more personal, which is a welcome change of pace in my opinion, compared to other superhero films.

I found the early reviews of black panther’s character to be a bit of an exaggeration. There are only a couple of very short scenes of T;Challa not in uniform, giving us only the briefest of insight into how the character will work. Suited up, however, he’s in quite a lot of the action, and they certainly did a good job of creating a distinct combat style for him. Basically, it didn’t get me excited for a BP film, but it also didn’t make me fear it.

As for the bad . . . other than the poorly served villains, I feel that Marvel doesn’t really know what they want to do with Scarlet Witch. She’s basically a McGuffin in the film, paralleled by Vision, who also seems oddly placed so far. However, with Vision, they clearly put in more work into advancing a presence for his character.

It’s true that it’s mostly a mirthless film, in any of the parts that don’t have Spiderman, there is nary a smile to be seen. There’s also plenty of hand-wringing over civilian casualties, and I really hope that between BvS and this, we can put that behind us. It’s an important issue, but why can’t they just start having the heroes help out in rescue and reconstruction after a huge conflict? Seems like the kind of things heroes would do, and it would only take a minute or two of scenes to establish that. Either way, this is a theme that doesn’t make for really fascinating discourse within the context of mainstream superheroes so far, it seems, and I hope I don’t have to watch it again ever in either the Marvel or DC universes.

Another possible weakpoint is that due to all the other characters and the time they take on the screen, we still don’t really get to see Bucky fleshed out much; not only that, but the conclusion of the film makes it clear that it’s not going to happen any time soon. To see Bucky being treated essentially as a prop for two Cap movies in a row is kind of a bummer, and I would’ve liked to have seen him make a bigger stab at redemption in this film, so that he could join the ranks of the heroes from now on. Sadly, I don’t think we’re going to see that, perhaps ever.

Aside from all that, the movie is paced incredibly quickly. I never really felt like things were dragging at all, and was honestly surprised to see two and a half hours go by so fast. The supporting cast was all juggled pretty well, which certainly shores up some faith for the Russo Bros being in control of IW. Looking forward, I think the central concern will be whether Marvel can ever make a compelling villain other than Loki; if they can’t do it with Thanos, they’ll be really dropping the ball.

Would I recommend the movie? Absolutely, and with no reservations. It’s one of the top additions to the MCU. Winter Soldier is still probably a tighter film in general, but having the joys of certain moments with other Marvel characters is undeniable and elevated this film in some ways, without detracting from it being Cap’s story.


Okay, just back from seeing it. I basically agree with pretty much everything Kiel says. I was about to make much the same points but there’s not much purpose now. :smile:

I guess I’ll expand on the action scenes a bit. I really liked how inventive they were, especially all the different powers being used in the airport scene. In truth action can easily get boring for me if it isn’t treated that way (in comics as much as films).


Agreed. I think I touched on this a bit, but I really don’t want to spoil this part in particular, even in the spoiler thread. Regardless, it’s some of the only superhero action I’ve enjoyed a lot in years, moreso than the opening to DoFP (which felt soulless given that the viewer had no connection to most of the characters on screen, really). And hey, how about a shoutout to Black Widow’s choreography in the opening action piece in Africa? I thought that was actually the most badass I’ve seen her yet. Seeing bad guys actually get up after a takedown, and her spinning-plates approach to dealing with them, was quite a sight!


What’s with Zemo? Does he don the purple mask?


No, not at all.

As Kiel says he’s not a great villain in this, they do set it up though that he can come back, more like the Zemo of the comics.

I’ve decided by the way that this is the best Spider-Man on screen. Maguire’s version really bypassed the quippy side, Garfield’s one often came over as a bit of a dick or a bully. This one is really naturally conversational and gets most of the laughs from the audience (along with Ant-Man).

Loved the line from the Falcon “you really aren’t supposed to talk so much when you fight”. After only bothering to see the last one on a plane, I’m looking forward to a ‘no-origin’ solo film and from first impressions so are the rest of the crowd I was with.


Just watched it.

Freaking fantastic.
Loved it.


Was there a major character death? I read the Wikipedia article and saw no mention of it.


No there was not. I am happy to say.


Best de-aging effects yet I thought. I think they knew it too, showing off with a big close up at the front of the screen.


I got a bit of the uncanny valley in the last moments of that scene, but up to that it was great. And then the real RDJ shows up anyway, making it clear that it’s a simulation, and not a flashback, so any imperfection is perfectly inexcusable.


Oh, and while in terms of the big choice, I’m definitely “Team Cap”, practically, I would have absolutely been Team Nat.


It’s very good.

I’d agree with an 8.5 score - in that it pretty much meets the standard we’ve come to expect from Superhero films perfectly, but doesn’t push the bar in the way that Dark Knight or Avengers did.

Zemo isn’t a page-accurate villain, but he’s certainly a more human villain, and that’s something that can’t be said for recent iterations of Electro or Luther or even Ultron or Darren Cross. I think there’s a reason why the only good villains we’ve ever seen on screen are Batman and Spider-Man villains - they’re really the only interesting villains out there.

Anyway, it’s good. A pretty damn impressive Civil War movie, and probably as much Iron Man’s film as Caps.


I would imagine that going forward, we have a story divided, and we’ll see those halves continue in next years Black Panther and Spider-Man films.

But it was great - a near-perfect Superhero movie.

EDIT: My one niggle was Martin Freeman - I hated his American accent, and his character. And Im wondering if anyone was confused by two characters called “Ross”.