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Jupiter's Legacy - where did all those other guys come from?


OK, go easy on a first time poster as I have a feeling I may have missed something obvious.

I’ve just finished reading the first book - fantastic read and beautiful art - and I thought that the group that went to the island and were given super powers were the only super-powered humans on Earth (until they had kids who also had super powers).

But at one point in the book there’s a big battle and there are a lot of other guys with super powers. Who were they? Were they all children of the original group?

It’s been bugging me for days.



Yep. Children and grand-children from the 1930 crew. So by the time we reach the modern era there’s over a hundred super-humans on the planet. Some of whom are traditional villains who couldn’t make ends meet and turned to crime.



Hey! An answer directly from the “horse’s mouth”. Thanks Mark.

I’m looking forward to May and the release of Book 2.



“Your parents were young once.”

This lot breeds like bunnies.


And hi Matteo. Welcome to Millarworld :smile:


That’s an interesting concept, though. I could see why a person with superpowers would not want to be a superhero, but what would be the motivation to become a criminal? Especially knowing your superpowered relatives will beat your ass?

You could certainly find a lot of ways to exploit your powers for legitimate money. Hell, I think plenty of small nation governments would just subsidize them. Heck, even the US and EU would be like - “why don’t we just pay them to behave?”

What would be the channel to go into villainy?


Some do not set out to be “criminal”, they just do what they want to do. And some enjoy fighting. And stealing. And killing. And being an El Cheeto dictator!


Maybe it would a way of rebelling against your (literally) perfect parents?

You might even be arrogant enough to think you could beat them if it came down to a fight.

And I’ll bet being a villain is more fun than being a good guy.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome Simon. I might stick around (or come back). I embarrassed to say I’ve only been aware of Mark in a “oh yeah, Miller - didn’t he do Daredevil? - no not him, MillAr he’s done a bunch of stuff…might have some of it actually…hmm only some FF?!” way. I have some other stuff to read at the moment but will definitely check out more of his stuff soon (thinking of Ultimates, Red Son, Authority).