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Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 2 Release Schedule?


The reason I qualify with “finite series” is that I’m not convinced tradewaiting is an improved way to read an ongoing series. Reading it in six-issue chunks is basically guaranteeing that the next “issue” is always going to be delayed by at least another six months :smiley:

But for a finite, self-contained mini? Sure, let them take as long as they want to finish it, and then read the entire story at your leisure in a single sitting. (Ok, I know JL “book 2” by definition isn’t actually self-contained, but the principle still holds.)


OK. I’m done.

I just checked the Image Comics page for Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5 and found that it’s been rescheduled a SIXTH time, to April 19th. Almost six months late.

I’m done. Whenever this issue actually ends up shipping, I won’t be buying it. Mark Millar will not be getting any more of my money. I’m done being slapped in the face. Some of you are evidently fine with being treated like chumps, as illustrated by the various excuses I’ve seen here, but I’m not.

And I really don’t care to hear about how the endless dicking around will have been “worth it” because Frank Quitely’s artwork is So Amazing. You know what? The artwork would have been every bit as amazing if Mark Millar had waited until January to start publishing JL2, which would have meant that the entire series would have been “worth the wait” because every issue would have shipped on time.

Just to be clear: I don’t put any of this on Frank Quitely. He draws as fast as he draws. And Mark Millar knew that, having worked closely with him for several years now (and thus being painfully aware of the late shipping fiasco of JL1), and he still jumped the gun instead of holding off until all the issues were drawn like he said he would. That’s why I’m so pissed off about this: not just because the issue is so late but because the publisher – and Mr. Millar is the publisher – pledged specifically to take the necessary steps to avoid a repeat of what happened with the first volume and he failed spectacularly.


So just to check, you would be happy if we were in the exact same situation that we were now, except we only had two issues of JL2 in our hands, instead of four? :slight_smile:


Hey Fred, it is perfectly reasonable for you to vote with your wallet and not buy it if this upsets you to that degree. The complaint is valid and acknowledged. That’s how commerce works.

It is not reasonable to call people ‘chumps’ when in all honesty they just don’t care as much as you do about punctuality of a comic. A lot of people bought Multiversity which came out 7 years after it was announced and were okay with that.


And that was another Quitely issue worth waiting for. Worth waiting years for. Wow.


It’s the kind of thing that makes me happy to wait for quality. It was an amazing piece of work.