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Jupiter's Legacy trade by Millar & Quitely is $9.99!


9.99 for 120 pages. We must be out of our mind. But this Image First thing is a really good program and has worked well for Walking Dead, Saga, etc, acting as a great intro to the other books.

10 bucks is also a kind of impulse buy in a way 15 bucks isn’t. You’re getting about 6 issues worth of material for the price of 2.5 issues of a typical Marvel or DC book plus ALL the variant covers at the back. It’s pretty sweet.

2 weeks today. Same day Jupiter’s Circle launches, which I think is going to be really good for both of these. Have a feeling these are going to move really, really fast.



I think it really does work, Vertigo do it too and it does tempt you to go “ah **** it, it’s ten bucks, might as well try it”.

It’s good old drug dealer economics, sell the first hit cheap and then charge more when you’ve got them hooked. I’ve never really understood why US Marvel and DC comics always did the opposite and charged more for double sized first issues when I was a kid. With The Eagle in the UK my dad told me they gave the first issue way for free to everyone.


I’m curious how this particular program works for you on this book, Mark. Most books that do this tend to be ones where the first trade is going to be followed by several more and serves to get the person hooked on the continuing series either in singles or trades. For you and Quitely, there are only 5 more issues or one more trade. How does the economics work out on that?


Well there’s Jupiter’s Circle too so if you get invested in the universe that’s 3 trades.


True. I’ll be curious if the first trade of that series goes with the Image First system.


Yeah, Jup’s Leg 1 will be the gateway and you’ll pick up Book 2, Jup’s Circle 1 and 2 and possibly another series I’m thinking of. Frank Quitely for 10 bucks is the lovely hook :smile:


Thanks, Mark. It’s a great program for getting people started on trades and sometimes into the single issues. I think Saga really uses their schedule and trade program to their advantage.


Excellent, have just requested cancellation of my current pre-order and re-ordered at the new price, with a further quid off so it’ll be £5!


Just ordered.

All I need to do is drop one title from my DC pull list (easy!) and I will save enough to pay for this book in three months. It makes buying monthly comics seem pretty ridiculous :smile: