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Jupiter's Legacy - The Fan Casting


Just for fun… Who would you cast in the Jupiter’s Legacy movie as all the principals?

I know who I want, but what about you?



James and Josh Brolin.


Utopian: Liam Neeson
Chloe: Imogen Poots
Hutch: Bradley Cooper
Walter: stellan skarsgard
Brandon: alexander skarsgard
Lady Liberty: Ashley Judd
Basnabas Wolfe: Luke Evans


Utopian: Kurt Russel

Only because he’s still got that great mane of a head, but also because he was in Disney’s Sky High and casting him as Utopian would be hilarious.


I can’t stand behind this enough.

Edit: Get Nicolas Cage to play Wolfe. It’d be a great role. Especially since I don’t think it’s a huge role.


Sheldon Brad Pitt
Grace Angelina
Walter George Clooney
Brandon Jensen Ackles
Jules Jared Padalecki
Hutch Bradley Cooper
Chloe Jennifer Lawrence
Barnabas Wolfe Jude Law
George Matt Damon


He would have to play Utopian. I also Like imogen poots idea as well. Maybe work in dan stevens as Hitch?


Sheldon - Don Jonson
Grace - Sigourney Weaver
Walter - Kevin Costner
Brandon - Kit Harrington
Chloe - Kate Mara


I was going to say that if anybody suggests Jennifer Lawrence I’d lose my mind … but too late.

Maybe JK Simmons as Walter? I’ll sure there’ll be more depth to him in volume 2 so it could be a great role for him.



Fan Cast Courtesy of THE MANDARIN
Cast was selected not just by likeness to the characters and talent but the likelihood of being able to afford all these actors while maintaining an R rating.

Utopian - Jeff Bridges
Lady Liberty- Melissa Leo
Walter- Ed Harris
Brandon- Adam Driver
Chloe- Alicia Vikander or Rooney Mara

Jules- Kellan Lutz
Hutch- Charlie Hunnam
Barnabas Wolfe- Luke Evans
Jason- Pierce Gagnon


Can’t find a Starlight casting thread, and I’m not about to start one! The only change I’d make to TheMandarin’s casting would be Willa Holland (Arrow’s Thea) as Chloe, 'cause she looks exactly like FQ drew her.

As for Starlight - I’ve decided there is only one man to play Duke McQueen; the magnificent Michael Keaton. I’ve wracked my brain for months on this, and it wasn’t Birdman that sold me, it was his appearance on Letterman. He’s got the personality, physicality, and history to be ideal. My concern was that he wasn’t as sharp due to aging, and I was so wrong! The man has every brain cell working; and probably some of mine. C’mon! He was Batman! His own film history is touched by Batman and Birdman and Mr. Mom and rehab and all sorts of stuff. I even think he has the proper nose shape!


This is really great casting.


I’ve seen a million casting threads. That one from the Mandarin is as good if not better than any list I’ve seen from a casting director. Some brilliant choices.



Why thank you for the kind words… :blush:


Thank you for the kind words Mr Millar. :grin:


You did a really good job! Mark likes that and so do we!

I’m glad the new board allows for Free Range Millar! Never know where he may show up, and that may be the single coolest factor of the Ohara MW!


Y’know, we could go a whole different route to this, one that requires maybe a fourth series to explain it.

Sheldon = Tom Hanks old, Jim Parsons young (drive that joke home!)
Walter = Bill Murray old,
Grace = Helen Mirren (and I get to be on set every day to be her butler!) and her choice who she wants to play her younger version.
Chloe = Willa Holland (Thea Queen/Speedy from Arrow - as I sez before, she looks just the way Frank drew her.)
Brandon = you pick
Jules = some young hunk
Hutch = like Jensen Ackles (he’s gotta lighten up somewhere!)
Jason = anybody better than the Anakin kid!
Barnabas Wolfe = I’ll go with Luke Evans, too. Redemption for the black arrow scene. (Who uses a kid to aim an andiron?)

For those who would like to use a reference, there’s been a lot of work put into the Wikipedia page! Are there errors? MillarWorldlarians Know!


Sheldon - Willam Hurt
Walter - Jeff Bridges
Chloe - Evangeline Lilly
Hutch - Bradley Cooper
Jason - Logan Lerman
Brandon - Eddie Redmayne
Grace - Sally Field
Jules - Channing Tatum
Barnabas Wolfe - Chiwetel Eijofor
Joan Wilson - Alicia Vikander