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Jupiter's Legacy sequel has a date - MONTHLY QUITELY!!


You guys know how much I love books being on time, right? It’s actually my obsession now and I’d rather take a bullet in the scrotum than see something ship late after years of artists always, always seeming to be doing something else as that clocked ticked perilously close to the print-date.

The way I get around this now is to have them draw the entire series (or most of it) before we release. It’s expensive of course as even the average comic costs around 20K to put together and artists make MUCH more money at Millarworld than DC and Marvel. But it’s worth it. For the last year and a bit not one of our titles has shipped late and I’m actually incredibly proud of this. It’s foolproof system.

So when I say that Jupiter’s Legacy (which we’ve been stockpiling for 15 months so far) is back on JUNE 29th I can’t say with some confidence that it’s going to be monthly. There will be so much Frank Quitely out one after an other that you’re going to feel whiplash. I can’t wait. The first three issues are all lettered and being coloured right now here on February the 8th (or whatever the Hell today is, I’ve been up since 5am) and will be in your paws very soon. This is the series I’m most proud of in my career. The sequel is a career-best for Quitely. Wait until you SEE it…



Can’t wait Jupiters Legacy and Circle my favourite titles at the moment and Quitely’s artwork has been a joy.




I think that Tim speaks for all of us.


This is going to be so awesome. I think the first issue out of the gate is going to hit people so hard that they are going to be chomping at the bit for the next one. It’s a great time to be reading comics.


Heck I’ve been chomping at the bit for more Chloe since last year! :slight_smile:


“Quitely Whiplash”.

Twirl that villanous mustache!


Looking forward to it. I think the Image policy on new series having to have a certain number of issues in the bag before they launch has been a very good one to support new books, and I’m sure it will be good for the popularity of this series to have issues appear on a monthly schedule.