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Jupiter's Legacy Questions


Dear Mr. Millar,

I just got done reading both Jupiter’s Circle and Jupiter’s Legacy yesterday and after letting things settle in and also doing a re-read of Legacy, I wanna say to Mr. Millar that I am absolutely IN LOVE with this book(s) and I am REALLY thrilled that we might be getting a TV series or a film based off of these books in the near future (Hopefully sooner than later lol)

But as for the topic at hand, I was wondering if you (Mr. Millar) or anyone else really could possibly explain/answer a few things to me about the series that I want to get off of my chest:

(This might be spoiler-ish for those that haven’t read either Legacy or Circle so continue at your own risk)

  1. The way Circle ended with George escaping prison, Fitz’s wife possibly cheating on him and then most of all, some glimpses into the lives of everyone’s else families/lifetsyles, it made it seem as if there’s gonna be a Volume 3, **my question is, are we getting a Jupiter’s Circle Volume 3 in addition to Requiem?

  2. I’ve noticed that between Circle and Legacy, there’s a slew of characters that have been introduced as well as the fact that a lot of the heroes’ (Well I’m referring to the main heroes of Circle’s story here) kids and grandkids have inherited abilities from their parents and either turned to a life of heroics or villainy. My next question to you all is, are we ever going to get any individual information on who these people are/Who they’re related to? Or simply just an update on what became of the kids of the original team?

To add, I really wanted to know what became of Fitz’ kids as well as Walter’s other kids and they were pretty much nonexistent in the sequel, so I would really appreciate if you could give an update on them - Also I saw that little hint with Walter’s son possibly being George’s son with Sunny (I’m guessing the pregnancy was super early when she got with Walter and they just assumed it was his kid) so I hope that we get a little more info on that in Requiem lol

  1. I was originally going to ask if there was any info that you could have released pertaining to the plot of Requiem but I saw your response on that matter in another thread, so instead I want to ask if the release date that you set a short while ago is still set in stone and also where are you currently in regards to the writing/drawing process of the issues?

Thanks so much in advance, and I wish you and the company well for all of your future endeavors with Netflix (Words cannot explain how hyped I am about this deal…Can’t wait to see other properties like Empress, Starlight and Nemesis just to name a few, get shows/films)


The plan at the moment is only a Jupiters Legacy 3. Lots of your questions will probably be delved into deeper in the TV series.


I see…I’m glad that they’re trying to make a TV series over a film though, I feel like characterization wise, a TV series would be more effective and beneficial

But other than that, the way Jupiter’s Circle ended just felt like maybe there was going to be a third volume to full tie it to Legacy. Personally I think it would be really cool to see just how George earned the title of being the greatest villain of all time as well as what became of the others in the group like Fitz, Richard and even the girl that Fitz was seeing in Volume 1