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Jupiter's Legacy producer talks Movie or TV choice


Screenplay is in next week, but we’re so excited about this massive, expansive story that this could be a lot bigger and a lot longer than any of us expected. Full story here in Hollywood Reporter:



It was interesting to see today that Dark Tower is proceeding with the hybrid films-and-TV-series model. Is that an option?

(Dark Tower seems to be telling a present-day story with the movies and using the TV series to cover backstory from the past. Given the way Legacy and Circle play off each other, maybe something similar could be possible?)

Great to hear that work is progressing on JL either way.


This period of “how we’re going to do it” must be maddening, I get it.


LB always comes across as a very smart guy. Great article.


He’s a lovely guy. I’ve met most of the senior people at most of the studios and know lots of the juniors too and he’s the one guy in Hollywood everybody likes. He and I had a first meeting that was scheduled for 45 mins at his house and got super-drunk over the course of 3 hours instead, just having a great laugh and hearing great stories. He’s awesome. Hilarious and super-smart.



All I want in life is a Superior film and Jupiter’s Circle mini series :’(


Great interview. Thanks for sharing, Chief. Do you still get excited when people name drop you like this?

You’ve never done a superhero movie?

Not for lack of interest. As an executive, I oversaw some Batmans and tried to get Superman going. But that market is saturated now. I have a project with Mark Millar, who wrote [the comic that became] Kingsman: The Secret Service, that is a superhero project: Jupiter’s Legacy. What attracted me to it was it’s not repeating what everybody else has done. It’s not yet set up at a studio. Its universe is so expansive that it’s, in some ways, more conducive to a television treatment. I’m doing it either way.

I also really like what he says about the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s what I’ve been saying for a while now.

Given your history at Warner Bros., what are your thoughts on the studio?

If I were Warners, I wouldn’t worry about Marvel. I’d be worried about being authentic to ourselves. DC Comics is a really vibrant universe. Let it be what it’s going to be.


I like this. It suggests that he’s committed to the project because he likes the story, not just because he wants to “make a film – oh here’s a property that will do”.


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Looks like this thread got a mention on CBR.


Aw, dammit! Now we gotta MOVE again!


I hope he does movie rather than TV. Just because the budget is soooo much smaller on TV. Please Lorenzo. Movie. Not TV. Unless it’s like HBO TV.


Actually I don’t mind if Circle goes to TV. But Legacy has gotsta be movie.


That’s great news! Not only is Jupiter’s Legacy one of my favorites, but I think the genre has enough history in movies and TV that audiences are ready for that particular take on superheroes


I’m working at the Zurich Film Festival and Lorenzo is receiving an award tonight. Contemplating jumping the stage and pitching him a Jupiter’s Circle TV series and handing over a fan cast


I dare you to shout MARK MILLAR SAYS HELLO when he gets onstage!