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Jupiter's Legacy nominated for Comic Con Portugal Awards

Hi all, just to let you know that Mark’s and Frank Quitely’s Jupiter’s Legacy vol. 1 was nominated for the Comic Con Portugal Awards in the category for Best Foreign Album. This is pretty exciting, since in general both the jury and the general comics market here would be more receptive to graphic novels and french albums.

Ou company (G.Floy Portugal, we also publish Millarworld books in Poland under the name Mucha Comics) had a second nomination with a graphic novel called Afirma Pereira (an adaptation in comic book of the novel Pereira Maintains, by Antonio Tabucchi). The other two nominees in this category were the latest volume of the french series Bouncer (by Jodorowski and Bouck), and the graphic novel by Tonyy Sandoval and Grazia La Padula, Ecos Invisíveis (Échos de l’Invisible, in French).

I am pretty happy with this nomination, being a fan of both Mark Millar’s books and super-hero stories!


Oops. Forgot to say that results will be announced on Saturday 8th, at the Comic Con Lisbon itself.

Possible announcement for Coatbridge con @Rachael_Millarworld

Congrats to Mark Millar!