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Jupiter's Legacy movie has a director!


Screen-Writer in discussions right now.

Chrononauts and Starlight are going to be bigger than Kingsman, but this is going to be HUGE.

I can feel it it me bones!!!



Any hint to fuel the mad fires of speculation?

Are they someone who wears a hat, for example?

(This is awesome news, btw).


Yes! Clues?

First initials? Mother maiden name? Eye colour???


Hope it’s someone who can balance both low key and spectacle.


Fingers crossed for John Logan at the typewriter :pray:t5:


HR, Variety and IMDb here I come. Wonder who will break the name first?


Like Michael Bay, right?

No wait!

McG, of course!


I heard Bay, McG, Snyder and Ratner are joining forces to co-direct a Too Many Cooks adaptation.


if it ain’t Darren Aronofsky, i ain’t watching it :wink:


Aronofsky would actually be unreal.

He’d probably alter the source material fairly significantly though.


Weirdly, I sent this to Aranofsky ages back and we had a wee chat over email, but this wasn’t for him. The director is British and quite brilliant. That’s the only clue you’re getting :smile:



My guesses are one of Mike Leigh, Peter Greenaway or Michael Winterbottom.


My guess was Kenneth Branagh.


Edgar Wright!

(Oh no, wait, I want him for Chrononauts.)


Sam Mendes & Paul Greengrass…?


Danny Boyle.

EDIT: Or that guy who is a frequent collaborator of yours…





it gotta be Steve McQueen then… :wink:


At first I read this as the actor, Steve McQueen. Then, I realized that there’s also a director by that name. It would be awesome to resurrect the actor to play in the film though. I only recently found out that The Bodyguard was originally written for him and Diana Ross. It was one of those mythical scripts that float around Hollywood forever.


I’d watch Steve McQueen in this right now…alive or dead.
That dude had huge screen presence.