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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Thank you.
This is a real dissapointment. I had a chance to win a Frank Quitely sketch and someone just threw it away. :disappointed:


Yeah, a pain, but that’s always the risk with a treasure hunt, I’m afraid. Someone finding it first and not knowing what it is.

Does anyone have a status on London? All the others are in now.



Maybe you could hide another one in Moscow (and probably London)? It wasn’t an actual treasure, it was a printed ticket and you can always print more if you want because I don’t think you’ll ever find a winner of this one.


Moscow was only possible because one of my family was there working for the last few weeks and he’s home now. We’ve no-one to hide out.



Well thank you anyways. It was a great idea for a promotion, too bad it turned out like this.
Maybe I’ll meet Frank someday and ask for a sketch myself.


Can we use your picture in Jupiter’s Legacy 2#2 please?


Not the best picture but go right ahead! It was an amazing experience and was glad to be a part of it!


All Golden Ticket winners (@Chrissomerville, @cian_t, @Lemurion, @DominusNoctis, @Alexd, @Nhartz2, @Dean, @iskandarsalim, @Gazman76) be sure to Private Message (PM) your address to a Moderator or Admin if you have not already. You will know them by the title or the little shield next to their name. Thank you.


If London isn’t claimed, can we get a do-over, please :slight_smile:


But in Birmingham this time.



The comics are signed, winners - we’re just waiting for the original art. We haven’t forgotten about you!! x


That’s exciting.

@Chrissomerville, @cian_t, @Lemurion, @DominusNoctis, @Alexd, @Nhartz2, @Dean, @iskandarsalim, @Gazman76 - Please post your packages especially the original sketches here when they arrive. We would all love to see them.


Absolutely guys, and thanks for the update! Very exciting :grin:


So Rachael - did the two just disappear? I know the one in Moskva did.


Yep Moscow and London M.I.A. It was THE WORST weather in London that day, so that maybe explains it.


Sure! Will have 'em posted. Can’t wait for the signed copy and the original art.



Super excited!!


Can’t wait for the prize I will be happy to share photos


How 'bout some El Paso, TX love next time?


Still nothing here in LA, any idea of when these will be sent out? Just want to make sure I don’t miss it (or it gets pinched etc!)