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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Looked for an hour and no luck! Found some places that would’ve been ideal to stash it – suspect it’s been found already but gonna take another look.


Scoured the park I believe it’s at in London. Nothing. It’s either been found or it won’t be without another clue.


My wife is not ‘entitled’ and wasn’t seeking special treatment. She wasn’t bothered about getting the prize for herself; she was trying to do something fun and nice with/for me - because she is in fact fun and nice .

Unfortunately that involved getting rained on a lot, having a barman be rude to us and ending up being late for our weekend away the other side of the country, then being insulted here too.

We won anyway. Instead of a prize we got told to fuck off and then insulted here but whatever… It was a small pub and we knew what we were looking for so saying we mightn’t have found it inside is lame. We couldn’t have stayed until 5.00 even if we wanted to.

We were in Dublin especially for the ‘little treasure hunt’ - as you call it, because you are condescending. We ourselves thought it would be a fun adventure. It was fun - even when the barman was aggressive and rude and we were heading off wet, late and empty-handed we still thought -well that was fun and we totally won even if that ass was like that.

This cliquey crap here defending that ass and insulting my wife has definitely left a sour taste in my mouth though. Been niggling at me a lot. Not usually one to get drawn into flame war crap or post on forums in general, and I honestly reckon I’ll probably delete this and close this account when this irked feeling eventually goes away, or it just leads to more lame crap, but there you go.


Peter, we’re sorry you had a bad experience but I’d respectfully ask that if you have an issue with other posters either let us mods know or take it to PM’s.


Anyone have any luck on Moscow or London?


I can’t believe nobody’s found London!! :slight_smile:

PS Am checking with my brother on Moscow, who is working out there. Sounds like someone got it early though as it was in plain sight I think.


I can’t believe someone got there earlier then me. It took me about 45-50 minutes to get there after your post with clues, and I asked security if there was someone before me who looked like he’s trying to find something. If it wasn’t well hidden my best bet would be that a janitor accidentally found it and threw it in a garbage.


The horror! The horror!


Yes, this would be aweful as it seemed like my best chance to get Frank’s sketch.


Can we get a little clue for London, please?


Hello! Can I have permission to put your pic in Jupiter’s Legacy 2? Please also tell me how it feels to win!


Hello! Can I please use your pic in the back of Jupiter’s Legacy 2? Let me know how it feels to win!


London stasher has been back to look and it’s GONE! So either someone found it and didn’t know what it was, or is yet to come forward.

He put it in plastic as it was torrential rain on planting day!


Hey! Can I please use your pic in the back of Jupiter’s Legacy 2#2?


Rachael, you can use it in the front if you like!
Nah, of course - it’s not the most flattering but I guess the important photos never are :wink:


Absolutely, that’d be fantastic!

And winning this is brilliant! I was lucky enough to work a few miles away from the LA location, and luckier still to be the first to find it! It’s all very exciting.


Sure can! Glad to be a part.


Alex can I please use your photo in Jupiter’s Legacy 2#2?


Any updates on Moscow?
If no one posted a photo yet but it is not there we consider it a lost treasure? :slight_smile:


My brother checked in on this last night and it’s just gone, which is annoying.

What’s happened with the London one?